Go-go dancers are like motivational coaches for the dance floor. Even before the majority of inhibitions are lubricated away by booze, go-gos are already going to town on boxes adjacent to the DJ booth. DJs may get paid way more, but go-go dancers have become instrumental to electronic music events. Go-Go Soapbox is a brand spanking new blog that aims to spotlight different dancers in different places. On the occasion of Cirque Week (December 1-10) in Vegas, Sin City’s own Bambu, winner of Revolver Saloon’s $5,000 Go-Go Roundup in August, devirginizes the box.

Not exactly arachnophobic: Bambu (img: Bobby Deal)

Earliest dance-related memory?
I was itty bitty the first time I saw Michael Jackson on TV. The magic that poured out of him changed my life and put the groooove into my veins. My father taught me my first official dance move, the running man. I would listen to Michael Jackson for hours on end, everyday alone in my basement doing the running man over and over. A little tiny girl with a huge passion for music. That passion never left and my love for Michael still burns more then ever!

Booty camp? Supplementary skills?
I’m a certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant, aerobics instructor and dance coach. I trained in hip hop, jazz, African, gymnastics and also cheered competitively for four years. I learned serious dedication and groove from an all-black hip hop dance crew that I performed with in Detroit for years. I’ve been performing fire/stilts/sideshow and burlesque for several years as well. Gotta love my circus family. We live for shock value!! Currently working on a huge light/sound project, built to infect the masses with LOVE!!!

Lubrication of choice?
Coffee and aqua. Coconut water is mmmmm so good too! A glass of cheap white wine to chillax.

Extraordinary assets?
Physically, I’d say I’m endurance queen! I go-go 12 hour shifts! I dance every single day and never get sick of it.. Bionic Woman lungs of glory!! As for “sexy assets,” as if lungs aren’t sexy ha ha, I love my legs. They are beefy, muscular from dancing like a maniac. I think I could seriously kill with a spin kick! And a smile is a terrific asset as well 🙂

Spittin' fire (img: Marshall Bradford)

Not enough! Ha ha… I will be completely covered one day! Living, walking art is what I’m all about. I fought hard to work in a corporate industry that doesn’t particularly care for tattoos. I forced ’em to love me and my tatted flesh!

Yup I love piercings too! I currently have six and guaged ears. I want two surface piercings on my lower back so I can attach a furry tail, ha ha!

Most titillating outfits?
I live in furry boots, ha ha, but I’d have to say spending most of my life half naked would be my most titillating outfit. I love wearing rubber costumes, and I feel super feminine and beautiful in burlesque attire. Or naked with a pound of glitter on!

Everything turns me on, really. I’m creepy like that! Ha ha, personality is the biggest turn on–making me laugh and being confident. Talent is super sexy. Colors, smells, smiles, love, sweat, and just about everything tickles my fancy!

Finest knob twiddlers IYHO?
I’m currently a mega bass head. My favorite DJs at the moment are Flux Pavilion, Bassnectar, Zed’s Dead, Excision, Rusko, Datsik, Benton, Kyle Noxii, Splitbreed and I gotta say it–Skrillex. Dubstep is my absolute favorite to dance to. I’ll always love my indie rock, 80’s pop, 80’s grungy chill rock, metal, and hippy dippy 70’s psychedelic rock…along with some new disco and house. Yes yes yes.

Schoolgirl or day job?
I perform for a living. Professional fist pumper. I’m very blessed. Extremely blessed. I thank the universe everyday for the life I have. I haven’t had a “real job” in seven years.

Best way to stay abreast of upcoming gigs—go-go and otherwise?
Bambu Jessica fan page on Facebook or BambuJessica.com

Featured image courtesy Jennifer Drewyore-Beck.