Get seduced: November 9-12

Many of you who know me are undoubtedly curious about the show I’m in this week. Cuatro Lunas, which translates to “four moons,” is a primarily Latin dance-themed cabaret show that happens to also feature a smattering of circus arts—contortion, hooping and stilts, to be specific. Stilts are usually overkill on a stage, considering it’s a platform which is already elevated, but I’m happy to strap on height enhancers in this particular instance, because it suits my character. What’s my role? I play Tio, a sensitive, multi-talented ringmaster/magician of sorts who gets bossed around by women. It’s a stretch, I know. Tio’s big solo number is a melancholy comedy tune called “Einstein (Nobody’s Perfect)” that yours truly co-wrote with onetime Beatles buddy/Apple Records artist Lon Van Eaton. There are other highlights besides “highlarity” and stilts, including Carmen Maria’s contortion routine and a steamy duet between Annette Bancroft and Matthew Helms. Accompaniment is provided by a dextrous, Latin-leaning live threesome. Written, choreographed and directed by Colombian born Latin dancer/instructor Paola Osma and Brazilian Liliane Kupper Hunter, Cuatro Lunas opens tonight at Boulder’s Dairy Center for the Arts and runs through this Saturday. For further information and tickets,

George Peele enjoys strapping on height enhancers and aurally ambushing strangers. He is Music Features Editor for 303’s print edition. Keep your eyes peeled for November interviews with Robert Plant’s favorite Denver troubadour–Nathaniel Rateliff–as well as WaterCourse/City O’ City big (soy) cheese Dan Landes. Avatar image: Jonathan Shoup