Soundcloud Gems: Tiny Little Houses

If your junior high crush had written cheery little romantic ditties, they would have sounded like Tiny Little Houses. Every song posted by this Australian lad is indie pop gold–from the sweet lyrics to the beautiful acoustic melodies. The content of the tracks tells the life cycle of a relationship–from crush stage longing to the jaded pain of a broken heart. While it’s hard to think the singer has experienced such a serious relationship, it helps to remember that love is at its most dramatic in its youth.

What’s most distinctive about Tiny Little Houses, however, is his voice, which is the lovechild of late singers Elliot Smith and Jeff Hanson.

Of the tracks currently available for download, “Love” shines in its bitterness and “Lady Vane,” could pass for a love letter to someone one hasn’t yet spoken to . With lines like, “I want to read you like a book/know all about you/search every nook,” the rest of his songbook is sure to melt hearts–including that of the person who inspired these works.

Tiny Little Houses can be found on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Sal Christ is a writer with headphones glued to her ears. When her head’s not crammed in a book, you can usually find her spending time upside down at a yoga studio.

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