Ogle Lykke Li tonight @ The Ogden

The Swedes are having a big year here in Denver.

July saw the high-profile debut of Colorado’s first Ikea location in Centennial. H&M’s Grand Opening, hosted by this very publication, demonstrated that drinking and shopping could be a dangerous combination Wednesday night. Tonight at The Ogden, Mile High clubbers can ogle Swedish singer/songwriter/model Lykke Li.

The Swede made her first big splash with American audiences in 2007 with minor hit “Little Bit.” New Moon, the second entry in The Twilight Saga, may have been a sub-par movie, but the soundtrack rounded up some pretty hot artists. Lykke’s inclusion on it further elevated her global profile. Ultimate pop culture barometer Glee weighed in earlier this year, including Wounded Rhymes single “I Follow Rivers” on a Season 2 episode.

“Get Some” below.

George Peele enjoys strapping on height enhancers and aurally ambushing strangers. He is Music Features Editor for 303’s print edition. Keep your eyes peeled for November interviews with Denver troubadour Nathaniel Rateliff and WaterCourse/City O’ City big (soy) cheese Dan Landes.