Every so often I’m so inspired by a star’s consistently captivating style, I have to share it with you all. Lately, I’ve been mesmerized by Elizabeth Olsen. Sure her sisters (Mary Kate and Ashley) have two recognizable and praised fashion lines (one that even bears Elizabeth’s namesake), and yeah she’s blessed with the genes of goddess (have you ever seen such flawless skin?), oh, and apparently she can act her butt off (I haven’t had the privilege of seeing her work yet), but I think it’s her individual style statement that makes her so alluring.

One reason I find Ms. Olsen so appealing is that she’s not stick thin, so her frame gives life and dimension to the clothes she wears. She also mixes it up a lot. From androgynous, sporty day ensembles to polished, glamorous red carpet looks, the 22-year-old shows a great deal of versatility, while still maintaining her style identity.

And, the style star wears items with such ease. Part of that comes from choosing unfussy labels like Calvin Klein and her older sisters’ line The Row, limiting accessories and opting for terrifically tailored threads. But, she can also pull off more fun looks, like the  nude, ruffle Chanel party piece de resistance below.

Elizabeth’s style reminds me of Rachel McAdams or Jessica Biel: youthful, but wise. As long as she doesn’t start dressing like her sisters, Elizabeth will have undying star power, staying power and style power.