img: Norman Dillon

If you were fortunate enough to attend The Hair Show on night 3 of Denver Fashion Weekend last weekend, you undoubtedly saw the work of Susan Dillon, also known as Miss Kitty Mae. “I have been dreaming about The Hair Show for three years,” Dillon explains. When asked by a friend at Berenices to showcase her work in the show, the word “no” wasn’t an option. With buzz from The Hair Show still in the air and the grand opening of the boutique, Dillon is bringing glamor back to the streets of Denver.

The ex-burlesque performer began her business by designing “almost exclusively for performers and drag queens” and had hoped to open her own boutique in the Denver area within a year. Fortunately for us, she quickly outgrew her workspace. “I wasn’t able to display my hats or any of the work I was doing. So I went out one day and, when I saw this place, it was like someone took what I was picturing in my head and put it here.” With a smile she adds “Except the big pink wall. I did that myself. It’s my signature.”

The boutique carries a variety of Dillon’s work as well as accessories from other designers that are 100% local and handcrafted. “We have art ready to wear and you can get everything here except the dress.” Each piece in the store is unique enough to fit anyone’s personal style, which is Dillon’s hope. “I don’t care if your style is sweatpants or dressed to the nines. Own it.”
The store speaks of individuality, fun, and is singlehandedly reminding us to not be afraid to show off who we are.

3559 Larimer Street
Tuesday – Saturday
10 am – 6 pm
(Consultations by Appointment)