Hindsight: The Grouch & Eligh @ Cervantes

The collaboration of unique sounds and hundreds of people filled Cervantes’ Masterpiece Thursday night. The talent was smokin’, and every person on center stage spit fire as they told their own unique stories.

I felt the sweat on the back of my neck as I tied my hair up—it was hot. And things only continued to heat up as it grew closer and closer to midnight. For what was once a dance floor, became a sea of people as they spilled to the front of the stage. It became shoulder-to-shoulder as the crowd went wild and you couldn’t move an inch without accidently stepping onto someone.

Everyone wanted to be close to  “The Grouch & Eligh.”

Red shoes followed by blue jeans and a white-tee, screams filled the room as the duo took the stage. And after six-opening acts, the fans were more than ready to hear and see their performance.

Just like everyone else, I hung onto every word. The Grouch and Eligh expressed true emotion in the speculative words that so poetically came out of their mouths. Their lyrics are so carefully thought out and so tastefully complemented each and every beat perfectly.

Looking past the flashing green and yellow lights, you could see the relatability in the eyes of the crowd. It seemed as if The Grouch & Eligh had captured their souls by relaying the message, “I’ve been there,” in their

And that’s what people want, someone who can give them hope, someone to reassure them that “they know how it is.”

This is what makes The Grouch & Eligh great. They talk about nearly everything in their music—from personal issues, to parenthood, to politics— their lyrics are intelligent and express raw emotion. And of course, a few fun tracks were thrown into the mix, (must we be always so serious?).

Heads were nodding and arms were swinging to a well awaited, underground hip-hop team. They express a style that is truly original and unique—and I’m sure that’s why their fans love them so much.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Please don’t hesitate to tell me what’s OnUrMind.

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