This April, Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art has honored the ladies in, Feminism & Co.– a program designed to investigate the relationship art, music and politics play in gender roles and contemporary culture with a slew of performances, lectures and workshops.

This Thursday, the series will focus on women and the music world. According to, women accounted for nearly half of the “20 music stars with the best performance on the Billboard 200 albums chart and the Hot 100 over the last 10 years.” Don’t roll your eyes, this won’t be anything like sitting through the Lilith Fair. Quite the contrary. Topics will be explored by knowledgeable music historian, Maria Elena Buszek (who probably never loses a music trivia challenge), as well as Denver music promoter and MasterMind Award recipient , Sarah Slater, who founded the “lady-centric” Titwrench Festival.

Of course the evening wouldn’t be complete without a sampling of sounds women in Denver are making in kick-ass bands. Christina the Hun and Married in Berdichev will perform live sets following the lectures.

As an added plus- Men Drink Free. You ladies sure do know how to treat a guy to a good time.

6PM Reception
6:30PM Program
$17 ($12 Members)
Student and Rush Tickets Available

The Museum of Contemporary Art is located at 15th & Delgany Street in downtown Denver.