Designer Wes Gordon’s southern roots and couture aesthetic may not be the ideal combination for dressing women in Colorado. But, his charming attention to detail, elegant craftsmanship and injection of luxurious modernity are irresistible – even for Denver’s laid back ladies.

The up-and-coming New York designer is coming to Denver and holding a private viewing of his Fall/Winter 2011 collection on Wednesday, May 4th.

In preparation of his showcase, Mr. Gordon was kind enough to answer some of 303’s questions:

1) What were your biggest inspirations for your A/W 2011 collection?
For our most recent collection (Fall 2011), I focused on a fresh, modern take on the idea of luxury.  We used the most beautiful cashmeres, leathers, velvets, and embroideries to create timelessly cool pieces that, hopefully, a woman will fall in love with.  Who was the collection’s muse?  A rock n’ roll Katherine Hepburn.
2) What draws you to women’s clothing?
I love clothes- always have.  We express so much about who we are through what we put on our bodies.  Womenswear, in particular, is so interesting because women today are so interesting.  The modern woman’s clothing has to strike a perfect balance between sophistication and practicality, uptown chic and downtown cool, strength and delicateness, and timelessness and trendiness.
3) You spent time at two of fashion’s most iconic design houses, Oscar de la Renta and Tom Ford. How did those experiences help craft you into the designer you are today?
I’m so lucky to have learned from these two masters.  From both, I learned the importance of absolutely knowing your clients.  Who is buying the clothes?  Where will he or she wear them?  Does she need pockets?  If so, for what?  By understanding their clients and the clients’ needs, these two men have built amazing empires that are constantly redefining our idea of beauty.
4) Have your southern roots played into your aesthetic?
Absolutely.  I think Georgia is one of the most beautiful places in the country.  The homes, gardens, and people all combine to create a beautiful romance that cannot be found anywhere else.
5) Although laid-back and effortless, Denver has an emerging fashion scene. How do your designs work for this type of customer?
At the end of the day, great style is about not looking affected or like you’ve tried too hard.  It should be effortless.  Our pieces, while painstakingly made from precious materials, are clean and uncluttered, allowing the woman within them to really shine.
6) What’s next for you?
First, a little vacation.  Then, spring 2012!




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