Once again Coachella proved it is the epitome of the hip music scene and the launching pad for summer concerts. The desert festival that attracts all the cool kids on the block (and around the world), has truly transformed from what it started as. Once a gathering for indie bands and hippies, Coachella is now the place to hear the hottest music, see the best of young Hollywood and partake in street style mania.

There’s no question that Coachella’s fashion scene is now as big as its music scene. Attendees plan outfits far in advance and retailers promote their most Coachella-worthy goods months out. It’s now the kind of place where you better find a way to look good while sustaining 100 degree temperatures and freshening up in porta-potties. But that’s all part of the fun, right?

This year, festival-goers embraced the heat and dressed accordingly. Short shorts, wide brim hats, belts, maxis, floral prints, sun dresses, lace-up and cowboy boots and cross-body bags were the big winners. Ladies mixed feminine with edgy, bohemian with tailored, and played up 70’s, 80’s and 90’s classics, mixing them with today’s trends. I don’t know how the music was, but the fashions sure look good.

Here are some of the memorable looks from this year’s Coachella.