I love interesting embellishment and sophisticated details, and this season, there is one fad that’s giving me my fix. Feathers. They seem to be everywhere, making bold statements and adding texture to otherwise simple pieces.

The most interesting iteration of the feather trend has manifested in the form of hair extensions. Salons have been stocking up on different variations and patrons are flocking to get feather-ized. While this interpretation is a bit more permanent than feather earrings or embellished shoes, the bohemian look is turning heads in a good way!

Clothes and accessories are getting stroked by the feather effect, too. Tees with graphic feather images, cuffs and rings with gold embossed feather cutouts, skirt and dress hemlines decorated with ostrich feathers, and  fedoras, sandals and bags with peacock feathers are all giving high style to this season’s must haves.

Are you feeling the feather fad?