We’ve all been seeing it – the bell bottoms and floral print dresses are everywhere. The 70s are back in a big way in fashion – but rarely to these trends bleed over in such a popular way that the hair and makeup trends follow. Well watch out. The disco era is kicking in the door, they’ve cleaned off the mirror, and they want their lipstick back.

In this new David Dunan shoot for Vogue Italia, Bo Don and Kristy Kaurova are taking us back to the times where matte was king, and subtlety was a lost art.

1. To achieve this look you should start off with a full coverage foundation in a shade that is one or two tones lighter than your natural coloring. Or you may even opt for using a concealer over your entire face, like MAC’s MoistureCover.

2. Set with a loose powder, like MAC’s “Set Powder”.

3. Follow with a dip into a rusty colored blush and a densely bristled brush for your cheek contour. This is going to be placed in the “hollows” of your cheek, to help emphasize your cheekbones. I love MAC’s Sculpting Powder in Shadowy.

4. Now onto the eye… Leave all your sparkly, glittery, shimmery, dew drop shadows in the drawer today – we are going MATTE! Start off with a bone colored shadow from your lash line to crease, Gesso by MAC would work great here.

5. Then take a putty colored shade, like MAC’s Charcoal Brown, and pat in an exaggerated rounded crease that carries on into the inner eye area. You will basically take your putty color shadow from one corner of your eye to the other, while following your natural eye crease. Once you’ve placed this color, go back and blend the perimeter. Depending on the size of your eye/lid area – the putty shade may end up being blended all the way up to the brow area.

6. Speaking of the brow – for this look we are going to leave it “au naturale” this time. At the most, you can use a brow gel to keep those little sprouts in place. But that’s about it.

7. The final step is going to be a riot rousing shade of lipstick! Bo and Kristy are rocking a 70s favorite – the true “blue-red”. This is a cool toned shade of red, ever so slightly hinting towards a maroon or burgundy. Start with a lip liner in a corresponding shade, and follow your natural lip line creating a crisp perimeter. Fill in with a matte or creamy lipstick like MAC’s Russian Red. Do not follow with a gloss.

And there you have it, a look fit for le discotheque! Le freak c’est chic!

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