Makeup Breakdown: Deliciously daring

Now, this may just be my pregnant belly talking – but this delicious little photoshoot shot by Angie Gassner and Thomas Mailer really caught my eye the week. I think we’ll just take some time to step through the makeup worn by the beautiful Miss Anna Lundgaard in the February 2011 issue of Madame (a German Fashion mag).

Step 1. If you have naturally light and thin brows you are already one step ahead of the curve, but if not – we’ve got a couple of options to play with. A. Soap down or glue stick your brows (Video Here) and redraw them on in a more subtle way. Or B. Depart from this look a little bit and leave your natural brow. We can lighten and lessen it’s intensity later on in the makeup process.

Step 2. Foundation and Concealer. Check back though some of my older posts to get a step by step process on this if you need more detail.

Step 3. Lay down a silvery shadow like Uzi by Urban Decay from lashes to crease.

Step 4. Use a small fluff brush and define the crease with a medium purple shade like vivid shimmering amethyst by Tarte. Concentrate on the inner eye portion of the crease (opposite to what you’d do for your average day-to-day makeup look) and fade upward slightly toward your brow bone.

Step 5. Using a denser brush, like an angled shader, take a deeper purple shade like Tarte’s shimmering deep plum, and darken the outer 1/4th of the lid crease area. Continue with that darker shade underneath the eye with a mini fluff brush.

Step 6. With that same color, use a soft angled brush (not a stiff one like you’d use for your brows) and extend the shadow out from the corner and crease area into a exaggerated cat-eye shape. It should extend a few millimeters past the natural end of your eyebrow. Keep this shadow area as sharp as you can.

Step 7. Line the inner rim of your eye with a dark plum, or black cream shadow and a liner brush. I like Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Cream Liner.

Step 8. Mascara.

Step 9. Line your lips with a cherry red lip pencil, and fill in with a lipstick of the same shade. Kat Von D’s A-Go-Go lipstick is a great vibrant shade of red. Skip the gloss for this look.

Step 10. Define the cheekbones with a matte bronzer and dome brush in the “hollows” of the cheek. Stila’s “Stila Sun” bronzer is a good pick for this job.

Step 11. Finish up with a final coat of translucent powder, this look is super matte, and will require touch-ups of powder to keep up that end of the bargain.

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