Edamame and Meyer Lemon PureeHummus? Guacamole? (Been there, done that.) New Year’s Eve is upon you and your guests have RSVP’d.  What new and unexpected treat can you serve that’s easy to prepare, full of flavor, iridescent in color, can be made ahead of time and only improves with age? Try this Edamame and Meyer Lemon Purée.  The only time-consuming element is shelling the pods.  The good news is there’s no garlic, so guests won’t have to worry about the evening’s end and a sweet New Year’s Eve kiss (just check your teeth in the mirror first!)



3 ¾ ounce shelled/cooked edamame (packaged/cooked edamame available at Whole Foods)

5 whole stems green onion, bottom trimmed, coarsely chopped

½ cup extra virgin olive oil

5 teaspoons Meyer lemon juice

Flakey sea salt

White pepper, freshly ground


Meyer lemon Zest

Curls of Green Onion


In a small food processor, combine the shelled edamame, green onion, olive oil and lemon juice.  Pulse to blend into a fine paste.  Add pinches of sea salt and white pepper to taste.

PRESENTATION: Transfer to an exotic serving bowl.  Top with Meyer lemon zest and curls of green onion.  Serve with home-made deep fried wontons or French bread.

Chef’s Note: The Meyer lemon juice does an amazing job of preserving the bright color of the edamame and adding a special bright zip of flavor.  Store the Edamame and Meyer Lemon Purée in the fridge by covering the surface with cling wrap.  The edamame will stay bright green in color for days and its flavor only improves with time. This purée is a wonderful base for our upcoming Tuna and Meyer Lemon Tartare recipe. As an option: add a little extra olive oil to loosen the paste into a sauce that can be served with seafood.