Black & Blue Men

The Blue Man Group will tickle you pink.

Although the ever-growing entertainment collective has been staging post-modern Vaudeville shows for nearly 20 years, they’ve never attempted to take their signature production on the road—until now. Blue Man’s theatrical spectacle made its Denver debut last night at The Buell.

I LOL’d.

I’d witnessed one incarnation of Blue Man, years ago at Moby’s Area 2 Festival, but it was likely closer to their recent music-focused Megastar Tour than it was to the off-Broadway original. Humor is a much bigger component to their core act than I’d previously realized. They’re like mute alien comedians. Laughter is facilitated via a combination of character behavior and special effects, with occasional voiceover assistance. I found myself chuckling nearly perpetually throughout the evening.

Of course, comedy isn’t the sole creative component. Tribal-style PVC drumming is still key—as it has been since their memorable Intel Inside TV spots. Innovative visual aesthetics too. Audience participation as well (tip: don’t be late).

Describing the show in much greater detail than that would spoil the surprises—of which there are plenty.