Eh hem, Eh hem…I’m just going to clear my throat for a second. I’m bringing my vocal range down a touch. This week’s visit back to Earth is going to be all about the Men. I know some of you may be wondering, what do I know about Men’s Grooming, right?!?!?! Well, it takes a confidant man to acknowledge that a good grooming is important!! I’m not talking about waxing or makeup. I’m talking about great skin!

The best place to start is on the inside. Our bodies are machines and providing our machines with proper fuel will keep things running efficiently. Skin is the biggest organ of the body. Getting plenty of rest, keeping yourself hydrated and well fueled, is the best place to start! Not only will your skin look better, but your hair will benefit as well.

Skin produces oils. These oils help to protect the skin from drying. Sometimes the skin can produce too much oil, clogging pores and creating zits. Sometimes the skin produces too little, creating a dry flaky skin. Getting into the habit of using proper cleansing products can help with creating a balance. Use a facial cleanser for your face and a body soap for your body.


Exfoliating the skin on your body is a great way to keep skin looking young.   There are great tools on themarket to help exfoliate your body. Companies like AXE have the body detailer made specifically for the guys. There are also gender neutral items like loufas that can be purchased at the grocery store.  In Colorado, we all know how dry it is. Using a moisturizing body wash or bar soap can help keep your skin healthy and moisturized.  There are just as many soap options at your finger tips.   Nivia for Men has a great line of men’s body washes.  Try the one that best suits you! They even have a body wash that doubles as a shaving gel. AVEDA has a body bar that can also be used a shampoo (this one is great for the gym).


DON’T FORGET TO MOISTURIZE!!  Body lotions keep the skin tight and help ward off aged looking skin. Not all body lotions have fruity fragrance.  My personal favorite is Aveeno has a great moisturizer called “Daily Moisturizing Lotion”.  It absorbs into the skin, so no greasy feeling.  It leaves my skin clean and fragrance free…I LOVE IT!

FACE-  Cleanser

It’s the first thing people look at when they see you…Put your best face forward! Using a cleanser that is made for the face is very important. Body soaps can be way to drying for the more delicate skin of the face.  Nothing fancy is needed just make sure it’s a cleanser that lightly cleans and is specifically for the face.  I really like a company called Zirh.  They have a great facial cleanser called “WASH”.  It smells great and rinses clean.

FACE- moisturizer

This is a step that a lot of guys will forget to do.  It’s a quick step that keeps your skin looking young and healthy. A little dab smoothed over the face is all you need.  Some of them have a sunblock built in.  These are great one step products. I like a product by Anthony-Logics for men called Facial moisturizer SPF 15. It’s important, at our elevation, that we keep the negative effects of the sun from attacking your face.  Another one of my favorites is by Dr. Denis Gross. You can pick some up at Sephora.  Its called “Hydra-pure Oil free Moisture”-AWESOME!!

This is a great start. Its the only skin we have, treat it well!  Soon I’ll be back to talk about shaving. It’s not too complicated, but there are a lot of options that we can go over!!  I’ll Leave you with this great infomercial to help you get your balls clean!

eh hem, eh hem…. signing off .  This is Venus Starshine, saying OVER AND OUT!

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