Ray LaMontagne

“I don’t do business that don’t make me smile.”

–Stephen Stills, “Treetop Flyer”

Ray LaMontagne always knew there was music in the back pocket of his hand-me-down genes. Still, because his musician father was an abusive man who abandoned his family, he thumbed his nose at fate for as long as humanly possible. Choosing instead to toil in a shoe factory following high school graduation, LaMontagne was awakened to his sacred destiny by a melodic alarm clock–Stephen Stills’ drug smuggling cut “Treetop Flyer”. Shunning shoes and getting his soon-to-be wet feet in the doors of the music industry instantly became a substantial priority. LaMontagne’s genes did not let him down. Hundreds of thousands of units have since been moved in his name. Compositions of LaMontagne’s have moved viewers of Rescue Me, ER, One Tree Hill, 27 Dresses, Bones, Law & Order, I Love You Man and House, M.D. Tonight’s eTown taping at The Boulder Theater with new touring partners–The Pariah Dogs–is sold out, but you can catch the recorded results on an airwave or cyberspace near you.