If you could choose ten traits to describe your ideal mate what would you pick? Would ambition be on the list? What about unpredictable? Should they love kissing you? Or how about oral sex, would you want that to be on the list? Well for Leon and Bill, coming up with a solid ten traits was a lot more difficult than they anticipated!

Robert Michael Sanders, Missy Moore and Michael Ingram star in The Love List. Photo courtesy of Gary Duff.

The Love List is a three character two act play that takes place in the present day San Francisco apartment of 50 year old Bill (Robert Michael Sanders), a lonely statistician whose life is full of graphs and figures. Leon (Michael Ingram), a successful author and Bill’s best friend who has been around the block and had many invitations from women for “coffee and cake,” is worried about his friend finding a mate. The two friends come up with a list of ten attributes for the ideal woman. Sounds simple but when an attractive mystery woman named Justine (Missy Moore) enters the apartment with all of those great qualities, things quickly become complicated. Who is this woman and where did she come from?

Once Bill and Leon learn the connection between the list and the woman, they both start changing some of the qualities on the list. Each time they do Justine’s personality changes for the worse. As we watch Justine change personalities at will and Bill struggle to create the perfect combination of traits, it’s very clear that you must be very careful of what you wish for.

Sanders, Ingram and Moore work well together well, and the timing and natural feeling among all three is masterful. Moore is splendid as the mystery woman who switches personalities as easily as a light switch. She displays every emotion in the book during the farce.

Town Hall Arts Center presented the regional premiere of Norm Foster’s The Love List, and with director Robert Wells leading the production, it is remarkable. “I didn’t know that play at all when I started it, it’s just getting steeped in it and its fun because you don’t have any preconceived notions of what it’s supposed to look like,” says Wells.

The Love List continues through August 6th at Town Hall. To purchase tickets click here or call  303.794.2787

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