Now, now kiddies. Calm down! I’m back for this week’s installment! If you think it’s hot down here, you won’t believe how hot it is on the International Space Station.  They still don’t have any air-conditioning, gurl! My frizz was coming back it was so hot!!!!

Time for this week’s biz….

Human beings have an amazing choice in their lives. Although they don’t choose their sex at birth, humans have the choice to lead out their lives in a gender role they choose. Gender and sexuality don’t always go hand in hand, mind you. On my planet it’s purely for fun or advantage. Each sex has a different advantage in different situations. Why not acquire more of an arsenal to help you gain advantage? Why not let go? Have fun breaking from the constraints of what society says is inherently female and male. It has nothing to do with whom you are attracted to. Here is a video of some gender bending trends through the ages:

GENDERFUL from Joie Reinstein on Vimeo.

Wasn’t that a fun trek through the annals of fashion history!? I must go, I’m still recovering from Madonna’s birthday dinner. I had to help put Lourdes and Jesus to bed. That late reservation had them up WAY past their bed time. I’m going to share a video to help honor the Queen of gender exploration. This is a cup of Marlene Dietrich and a pinch of Tupac and a whole lot of making it rain!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA!!!!!

Some wise words from outstanding gender benders:

“It takes a REALLY big man to fill my shoes”-Madonna

“I am at heart a gentleman.””-Marlene Dietrich

“I can do anything. In GQ, I appeared as a man. “-Boy George

Here to lead us out..a fun beauty tip from Denver’s Nicole Summers…


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