Mind Your BIZ: Biennial of the Americas

JULY 1st Summer is official and a holiday weekend awaits.  This week is turning out to be a big week! Wonder Woman got an extreme, biker lesbian, makeover; she lost her patriotic star-spangled banner booty shorts for leather and pants.  Hurricane Alex is in the gulf. And last, you were told how to hold your new iPhone 4.  With such a big week, I’m not going to focus on one or two businesses today but all businesses in the city of Denver.

Today kicks off the Biennial of the Americas!  A month long celebration that brings visitors to our great city!  National and international visitors alike will be welcomed into the City of Denver, where they will dine in our fine restaurants, experience why Denver is part of the international art scene and experience all the great hospitality our Mile High City has to offer.  This Western Hemisphere event will take form in 3 ways; a center gathering point at Civic Center Park, round tables and summits, and citywide exhibitions.  The round table talks will discuss everything from sciences, culture, politics, arts, technology, and economics.  The list of things to do is too long for me to list so you can check out their website below.

So, on this Independence Day weekend, go out and support your favorite businesses and discover new ones.  Go out and take advantage of all the Biannual activities.  And report back to me on how the businesses are doing!

Happy 4th of July!









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