Bump-a-Booty Padded Panty

I recently stumbled upon what appears to be an increasingly popular undergarment – a butt booster. Let me explain. These spandex panties are equipped with cutlet-like pads that apparently add more cush to the tush. They look rather silly, but make total sense – we spend a butt-load of time and money finding the right bra, why wouldn’t we do the same for our behinds?

Summer style is all about skimpy dresses and short shorts, so the perfectly round rear is the obvious outfit enhancement. Butts might actually be one of the “biggest” trends of the summer, so now even the most ass-et-less gals can get bodacious booties.

Look out Kim K and Beyonce, you have some serious derriere competition.

Bump-a-Booty Padded Panty is $30 and can be found on Barenecessities.com.