The first time I saw a DJ in the renovated DAM coincided with my first time inside of it.

‘Twas a magical, breathtaking experience.

I remember it like it was 2006. It was opening weekend for the Frederick C. Hamilton extension and doors were open after-hours. If what’s left of my memory serves me correctly, a group of us moseyed over after either Lipgloss or Vinyl. Admission was free, but there was a bit of a line. That didn’t deter creative individuals like us for long, though. Once our bodies were through the turnstiles, our jaws were on the floor. I felt like I was inside an Escher. The DJ on the main floor was just icing on the architectural/artistic cake.

Tonight, April 30, Gabe Ratliff AKA Lukos will soundtrack a yoga class at The Denver Art Museum. Satori-C will be on hand to tag team. Given that Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for “enlightenment,” it seems fitting. And marrying an ancient discipline like yoga with a modern musical genre like electronica seems appropriate for such a cutting-edge art museum.