The Cheaper Side of Life

The cold makes me want to stay inside. I don’t feel like engaging in activities, I just want to curl on my couch, throw on a blanket and act as if the warmth inside is all that exists, all that needs to exist.
I waitress, I work at 303 Magazine, I’m 24 and most of the time, I’m broke. Cold days are good for my wallet. But yesterday was lovely. Warm, sunny- the kind of day where you want to go for a walk. The kind of day that brings out my wallet and my hard-earned money into the hands of strangers.

$10 for a drink? Not happening.

A $15 entrance fee, you’ve got to be kidding.

I see prices in hours worked. Is a drink really worth an hour of my working time? Is the party tonight worth 3?

It’s easy to spend frivolously, harder to spend wisely. I scour for happy hour deals, reap the benefits of my yet-to-expire student ID and cash in on free days and gallery openings (free booze and small appetizers- why not?). Life is meant to be enjoyed, but we all have our price.

So here is the plan. Each week, my 2 cohorts and I will scour the city for the best deals, the best happy hours, openings, parties and anything else that is fun, interesting and cheap.

This is the Mile High City, but we don’t have to pay mile high prices to enjoy it.

Paige, Geoff and I (Beryl) will show you the cheaper side of life.

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