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Sydney Blu is no longer green around the gills.

The Toronto She-J made her Beta debut last night as part of Triad Dragons’ NRG Thursdays. It was her biggest Denver audience to date. Teenagers clamored for her autograph afterwards.

To be fair, Beta Entertainment Director Ms. Easy was also coordinating a go-go dancer “cattle call” of sorts–tryouts for Team Easy–that definitely drew a respectable number of spectators. Between fifty and seventy-five girls auditioned. Factor in their boyfriends, stalkers and friends, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a happening Thursday night sweatbox (especially considering the single digit temperature outside).

Not that that diminishes Sydney’s achievements in the slightest. Blu has come a long way in her day, gradually surpassing many of her female peers in both the production and performance departments. Inking a deal with Deadmau5 vanity imprint Mau5trap certainly didn’t hurt, but Sydney has since launched her own label–Blu Music–and continued to perform well on’s virtual stage sans Deadmau5 hand-holding in the studio. Her gig itinerary shows no signs of slowing down either.

Toronto is apparently a hot bed of globe-trotting knob twiddlers. In addition to Blu and Deadmau5, there’s also Flipside, Hatiras and Mystical (who migrated to Denver to wed a Team Easy dancer and work for Firm Graphics), among others. Maybe they’re putting Red Bull in the water up there.

I’d venture Sydney Blu is tickled pink with her career trajectory thus far.