Public+Enemy+PEPublic Enemy, the group consisting of Chuck D, Flavor Flav, DJ Lord, The S1W group, Khari Wynn and Professor Griff has been around since 1982. With lyrics and verses that not only incited a movement in the African American community, but all over the country, Public Enemy is absolutely one of the most important hip-hop groups in history. Tracks like “Fight the Power,” and “911 is a Joke” spawned uncomfortable discussions about race and political power in the 80s that still remain relevant even today. Chuck D is an epic voice in the rap community, urging listeners to stay abreast of the laws that govern us and the artistic revolution.

On December 21st, Denver will once again be treated to a historic performance from Public Enemy at Summit Music Hall . PE will be joined by DJ Cavem and others as hip-hop Golden Era enthusiasts and purists alike will gather to let their voices ring out in militant unison. You can expect a well rehearsed and pitch perfect show, even though some of these tracks were recorded more than 20 years ago.

303 Magazine has your chance to win a pair of tickets. Enter your reason why PE is one of the most important hip-hop groups of all time in the comment section below. We’ll choose a winner by tomorrow at noon. Written by: Ru Johnson for 303 Magazine.

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  1. John

    I’m about to turn 40 and this group has to be one of the most memorable influentle groups growing up. They opened up this nations eyes to the hardship to growing up in poverty and it wasn’t about gang violence or the gold chains, girls, drugs or alcohol this music was so hip with the idea of making you think about your rights as a youth, to stand up, life was not about money and cars and hoe’s. Songs like Bring the Noise, It Takes a Nations of Millions, Fight the Power and my all time favorite Harder Than You Think. Hip Hop needed this group! Their militant style scared America, they were and still are a voice the power behind they lyrics made you want to stand up and realize they’re is a political injustice created out of racisim and economic classification. This group made me think and open up my mind to what was going on, a great artist or group can do that and it is very rare to find that in any genre especially now, music needs artists like this. Fear of a Black Planet one of the best albums ever!!!

  2. Brandon Dotson

    There are so many reasons why PE is so important to hip hop. From creating an entire genre of thought provoking and enlightened lyrics during a time of party/dance themed raps and the beginnings of gangsta rap, their work with Anthrax in fusing heavy metal and hip hop on a cover of Bring The Noise (and also toured together with Primus as the opener before tours like Lollapalooza made such lineups the norm), combined with the production of the Bomb Squad (who also did amazing work for Ice Cube’s debut solo album) made for a truly amazing group. But the one thing that truly made PE what they were, were the combination of Chuck D’s strong and dangerous (without being cartoonishly so like groups like NWA) persona alongside the comedic and lightening presence of Flav (who can still be serious w/songs like 911 is a Joke). Those two men together are truly what made seeing and listening to PE so different and better than any other group in hip hop.

  3. Carlos pires

    Im portuguese and you may give me the tickets! PE are he best! Love those guys for the very beggining…47 years old! Eh eh eh!!! You have to come to Portugal, guys!

  4. Frans

    I’m close to 40 also and loved this music when growing up. Chuck D probably has the dopest voice of any rapper ever and combined with Flave its a match made in heaven. Finish it of with some of the best (break) beats and samples and there’s no reason not to like it. Favorite track: 911 is a joke!


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