06/30/2012 – Fridays @ Chloe Discotheque – Denver

If you've ever been to a Lotus Concept club by Francois, you know that they definitely know how make a night! It must have been a common day to throw a party on June 30th because Chloe was filled with bachelorette, birthday, get-together and you-name-it parties in the bottle service booths! Chloe's elevated dress code attire makes for a night of well dressed and beautiful people! Beers and martinis alike having a blast on the dance floor. Always smiling, busy bartenders serving all through the night. Happy women claiming their stake on the stages. Chloe also features a lounge plus a courtyard patio and serves drinks from 4 bars located throughout the venue. If you didn't have a good time, you just weren't in the mood to! Definitely put Chloe at your list of possibilities for Friday nights!