06/16/2012 – Sound Tribe Sector 9 @ Red Rocks Amphitheater

Fans from all over the country were out for STS9’s Sold Out performance of the “Great Cycle Spectacles” tour last night at Red Rocks. A combination of textured rhythms, thunderous bass bombs, laser like synth sounds, and a visual show that was to die for, STS9 treated those who came in from as far as New York City to a stellar performance. These performances, held in correlation with the current phase of the Mayan Calendar, and have been promoted as a celebration of music, art, expression, widespread communication, connectivity and understanding. The energy at the show last night was through to the moon. If you live in Denver and have yet to make it out to Red Rocks for a concert performance, now is as good of a time as ever. There is a long list of major acts touring through to appease any rabid music fan.