What to Expect at DFW’s Summer Model Workshop This Sunday

On Sunday, June 16, Denver Fashion Week’s Social Media Director Lauren Lippert will join Runway Producer Nikki Strickler to host an informative workshop that peers into the model industry.

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The workshop is designed to help models succeed in the upcoming DFW Fall auditions on Sunday, July 14. Models will learn the fundamentals of walking the runway such as: posture, arm placement, hand positions, step and stride, turns and pivots, poses, and backstage etiquette.

Models should come dressed in tight clothing (skinny jeans, leggings, tanks), heels for women, and dress shoes for men.

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Lippert (left) with Strickler (middle)

Previously hosted in the spring, the workshop provides an ample amount of tips and tricks for both new and experienced models to help refine their craft. 

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Social media is all the rage these days, and as a model, your online profile is your resume. Being the social media director for DFW, Lippert shares her knowledge of the importance of maintaining a genuine yet professional social media presence. 

In addition to the workshop hosted by Strickler, DFW newly introduces a kids model workshop for ages 8-14 hosted by DFW Female Model of the Year and Backstage Coordinator, Noella Wong

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Wong has consistently walked for DFW over the years and runs her own runway coach business where she teaches private lessons to kids, ages 4-17. Wong recently joined the production side of DFW, where her dedication and love for the craft have led her to share her expertise with others. 

“I love working with kids and inspiring them and their journeys of getting into the modeling industry,” Wong said. 

Photo by Kim Carrier

The kid’s workshop will similarly reflect Strickler’s, where a model’s confidence and constant practice are highlighted as the keys to success. “Runway is muscle memory,” Strickler shared in the spring workshop.

“Having a strong runway walk as a model is so, so important,” Wong continued. “A huge thing about it is confidence. There’s a sea of beautiful people and you really want to stand out with the amount of experience, talent and hard work that you put into it.” 

Being Denver Fashion Week’s number one fan, 18-year-old Wong is excited to jump into the group workshop and help prepare Denver kids for the industry. 

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