Introducing Denver Fashion Week Awards Spring 2024 Winners

As the latest season of Denver Fashion Week (DFW) has come to an end, it has left behind a trail of beautiful fashion moments and five new titleholders for the DFW awards.

These people were awarded for their outstanding work and exceptional contributions to the success of DFW. Categories include Female Model of the Tear, Male Model of the Year, Kid Model of the Year, Designer of the Year, and Photographer of the Year.

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Female Model of the Year: Noella Wong

Photo by Kim Carrier

Noella Wong is a fashion model and modeling coach. Wong was inspired to begin modeling when she was just a kid after she sang on the runway during a New York Fashion Week show.

“As I saw the models walk alongside me, I knew at that moment I wanted to experience being a runway model,” Wong said. “Since then, I have never looked back.” 

Wong made her DFW runway debut when she was just 11 years old during the Kids Show. It was then, she fell in love with DFW.

“It feels like a family to me,” she said. “All of the models, designers, production, hair and makeup teams, tech crew, photographers, and everyone else works together to create magic every year, on and off the runway.” 

Wong is incredibly proud of her win and said that she thinks it’s a full circle moment for her having made her DFW debut at 11. She thanks the people who inspired her and supported her along the way. Wong said that she feels proud being able to represent the many incredible women who work for greatness every day within this industry.

“Thank you, Denver, for the votes, support, and love I feel from you every day,” she said.

Male Model of the Year: Nestor Roacho

Photo by Roxanna Carrasco

Nestor Roacho who was born and raised in Colorado with roots in Cuahtémoc, Chihuahua Mexico. Roacho began his modeling career in Denver, thanks to Moises Vazquez from Soto Academy. He felt the urge to begin modeling because he wanted to step out of his comfort zone and try something new.

“It has been one of the best decisions of my life,” Roacho said. Modeling has opened his mind to a new world and continues to push him to be better.

He has become connected to DFW and finds himself growing alongside the fashion show.

“[DFW] only gets better with time, bringing in the top designers and top models,” he said. The model has been involved with DFW since 2021 and he wants to continue to participate in the foreseeable future.

Roacho said that receiving the DFW award was a massive honor and will keep him pushing to inspire those around him.

“There are so many talented models that were nominated for this award,” he said. He said that the award is not just his, but belongs to everyone who continues to push for Denver to be placed on the map. 

Kids’ Model of the Year: Karynn Berisie

Photo by Kim Carrier

Karynn Berisie is based in Colorado. She’s a brilliant, compassionate, and fun-loving girl who is still growing into this world around her. Berisie found her love of fashion at two years old, continuously playing dress-up and posing in front of the camera. As the model continues to grow, she continues to express herself in a great level of interest in fashion and modeling.

“She sees modeling as a great way to express herself, have fun, meet great friends, build confidence, and inspire other children,” her mother, Barbara Berisie said.

The young model finds DFW to be incredibly fun. As Karynn continues to grow as a starting model and Denverite, DFW has exposed her to several designers and helped her showcase and improve her skills. Karynn has been involved with DFW for over a year and she will continue to be present during the shows in the future.

Winning Kid Model of the Year was incredibly inspiring for Karynn.

“I really didn’t know how to feel when I first heard my name, then I started to feel very excited and proud,” said the young model. She sees this win as an opportunity to inspire other kids and inspiration to improve her own skills. 

Designer of the Year: MadVan Designs

Photo by Chris Gama

MadVan Designs is a fashion brand created by Madison Van Der Lingen in 2019. It’s a private collection of handmade sustainable luxury evening gowns and loungewear made in what the designer calls, the “land of enchantment,” otherwise known as New Mexico. Their work aims to bring back elements of childhood playful nostalgia.

Van Der Lingen’s brand mission is to continue to be eco-friendly and sustainable. They mention that the brand did, “not want to add additional waste to an ever-expanding unethical fashion industry.” 

They believe that DFW is the perfect place to showcase their art.

“I love the environment Denver Fashion Week creates for artists to show their art and to collaborate with industry professionals in hair, makeup, production, photographers, etc,” they said. The designer loves the venues and the models chosen. “Everything about DFW is so fun and a wonderful experience of the fashion world in Denver.”

Winning the DFW award was a huge achievement for MadVan Designs. It meant a lot that members of the DFW community enjoyed viewing her art just as much as she enjoyed creating it. The designer will continue to push herself to continually grow in her skills.

Photographer of the Year: Lily Fox

Hott Pink Matter Trashion Show
Photo by Lily Fox

Lily Fox is a 24-year old photographer located in Denver, Colorado. Photography is a medium that Fox holds incredibly dear to her, as it has been there for such a large part of her life. Fox is part of the 303 Magazine team, she thanks the company for being there as she continues to develop her craft.

“I am grateful for this magazine and the wonderful people who work so hard behind the scenes because they have given me the opportunity to find my place in this space,” Fox said.

DFW has provided Fox the ability to challenge herself creatively and she thanks the Denver community for always being there for her.

“I moved to Denver from Florida, and I was so worried about breaking through in this community,” the photographer said.

To Fox, winning the DFW award signified to her that she truly found her place.

“I’m grateful just to create,” she said. Fox was beyond excited to be recognized for her work and wants to thank everyone who voted for believing in her.

“I want to give a special thank you to Lauren Lippert and Kiddest Metaferia for believing in me and cheering me on, always,” Fox said.

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