Soundtrack to My Life — Grace DeVine is Ready for New Beginnings

Welcome back to 303 Magazine’s “Soundtrack to My Life” series, where we delve into the personal journeys of Denver-area artists, exploring their experiences and emotions through curated playlists. This month, we’re excited to feature the talented Grace Devine as she shares her reflections on embracing “New Beginnings” in April through her Spotify playlist.

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As we explore Grace’s playlist, which includes tracks like “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield and “Crazy, Classic, Life” by Janelle Monae, we’ll gain insight into her journey and the moments that have shaped her sense of self over the past month. So, sit back, press play, and join Grace on her quest for renewal and self-discovery.

303 Magazine: You chose to begin with “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield–an upbeat song of renewal. Would you say your new beginning was planned or an action produced from necessity?

Grace Devine: I try to plan everything in my life, almost to a fault. Lately, I’ve been entertaining possibilities and alternate paths I never considered before. It feels like I’m starting a brand new era, and I have no idea where it will take me.

303: How does “Do The Trick” by Dr. Dog contribute to the theme of new beginnings?

G.D.: My partner has been incredible, supporting me and soothing my anxieties during this stressful time. He really does “do the trick.”

303: What’s the one song on your playlist you think best represents “new beginnings” and why?

G.D.: Probably “Unwritten” because it’s a bop and no one else can feel it for you, for real.

303: Mister Rogers’ “It’s You I Like” seems like a heartfelt addition to your playlist. Can you elaborate on why you chose this song?

G.D.: During this transitory time, I’ve been reminding myself of the things that matter and reconnecting with my values. The world still needs Fred Rogers.

303: “Leave the Party” alludes to departure. Were there any spaces, areas, or circles that were hard to leave at any point in your life where you have had to start over?

G.D.: To me, this song is really about leaving behind the obligation to be social when I simply don’t want to. I consider myself an ‘ambivert,’ meaning I can do parties and stuff, but sometimes it really drains me. Sometimes I’m at a party, and all I can think about is cuddling with my cat or making music in my house. So, I’m saying yes when I want to, and I’m leaving the party when I don’t.

303: If we categorized your curation into different themed playlists, what are some categories you think it would fit under? Road Trips? Fun in the Sun? Swingset Sunsets?

G.D.: Maybe “first day of high school” or “road trip to summer camp.”

303: Was “Faded Film” part of an end phase before your current state? Any lessons you’d care to share while writing, producing, or editing the first 2024 single you released?

G.D.: It’s hard to discern where the end begins for me. I think my last era ended with the release of “Taste of Heaven.” Keep your eyes out for my next EP, “Blabble,” coming this summer.

303: What has brought you the most excitement in your musical career and journey so far?

G.D.: The songs I’m making for “Blabble.” They’re just silly little pop songs that I will never be tired of. I hope you like them!

303: What’s been your favorite 2024 live performance so far and why?

G.D.: I think it is yet to come with my headlining show at Ophelia’s on 6/21! It’s a pride party fundraiser for The Dru Project with some of my favorite local artists.

303: Any milestones you’ve recently surpassed that you’d like to share?

G.D.: I finished an EP and have written 40 songs this year so far. Only the top 6 will be on the EP.

303: Have any new goals blossomed from this new beginning?

G.D.: Yes, but they are secret! I’ve found that keeping my goals close to my chest makes me achieve them faster. Don’t know why!

Grace Devine’s playlist is a heartfelt reflection of her journey through “New Beginnings.” With her single “Call Me Crazy!” set to release on May 28th and her upcoming EP, Babble, launching this summer, Grace is ready to captivate audiences with her new music. Don’t miss her live performance at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox on June 21st, where she will celebrate Pride Month and help raise money for the LGBTQIA+ non-profit, The Dru Project. Lastly, don’t miss your chance to see DeVine at this year’s Underground Music Festival in the last week of July. Stay tuned for more insights and stories as we continue to explore the personal soundtracks of Denver’s local artists.

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