Denver Fashion Week’s Kids and Teen Show Presents A Stylish Showcase of Youth Fashion

On Denver Fashion Week (DFW)’s last day, seven designers came together to showcase their latest designs in kid’s and teen’s fashion. The enchanting event celebrated the next generation and their unique fashion perspectives. 

From adorable little ones strutting the runway confidently to teenagers challenging conventional norms, step into a world full of youthful creativity and emerging fashion trends as we dive into the final day of DFW.

Host by Alicia from Date Night Denver, wearing an Anton LaRosa original, the crowd’s energy was unlike a traditional kids and teens show — it was electric. With an opening performance by Cherry Creek Dance helped set the tone for the rest of the show.


Dragonwing‘s collection transported the audience back to the vibrant and dynamic era of the 90’s. Drawing inspiration from the decade’s eclectic music scene, the collection incorporated elements of metallic flair and retro influences. 

The runway came alive with big flower tulle shirts paired with a playful and whimsical theme of metallic skirts — overall, the collection gave a sense of youthful fun.

Incorporating headbands and pops of color like bright orange, added a touch of retro chic to the ensembles — combining streetwear and activewear, truly enhancing the playfulness of this collection. 

The use of tulle on skirts evoked a sense of whimsy and fantasy that the crowd loved. With every strut down the runway, Dragonwing’s collection transported the audience back in time in the best way possible. It truly was an electrifying and unforgettable fashion experience. 

Made By Maysi

Made By Maysi’s collection pulled out the rebellious side of kids and teens. With an edgy aesthetic, the runway was instantly transformed into a realm of grunge. 

With the combination of hand jewelry, props like lollipops and teddy bears, and unique hairstyles, helped show that a kids and teens collection can be high fashion. Filled with intriguing contrast, it was unlike any other kids and teens collection. 

Classic flannel prints were infused throughout the collection with a contemporary twist, adding an element of nostalgia. Unique tights and chains played a crucial role in tying the looks together emphasizing the rebelliousness in every kid.

The Made By Maysi debut collection demonstrated the designer’s ability to push boundaries and redefine conventional kids’ fashion norms. With an emphasis on dark aesthetics like the runway rock music and unique accessories, the collection easily stood out leaving an indelible mark on the runway of Denver Fashion Week. 

Peach and Penny

Peach and Penny’s collection radiated an enchanting and delicate aura. The designer blended elements of fairytale-like elegance with modern influences, all shown with the ethereal sound of a Billie Ellish song. 

Tulle, the hallmark fabric of dreams, cascaded gracefully down the runway. Garments were adorned with sweet dainty floral endorsements, evoking a sense of feminine charm, while the predominant pink and light colors created an atmosphere of softness and subtle charm.

With the inclusion of corsets, lace accents and silk materials, these luxurious elements added a touch of sophistication. The attention to detail throughout this collection didn’t go unnoticed, with little jewel embellishments adorning the garments, this added a subtle sparkle that caught the light and enhanced the overall sense of grace. 

The Peach and Penny collection was a showcase of elegance and delicacy. From the flowing tulle to the sweet floral endorsements and the delicate detailing, each piece told a story of grace and innocence. 

The designer successfully captured the essence of a fairytale world, where dreams can come together. 

Benson and Reign

The micro collection presented by Factory Fashion’s young designers was a testament to their immense talent and creativity. With music from Lana Del Rey, the collection exuded an edgy yet sweet and simple aesthetic that captured the essence of youth. Incorporating metallic elements added a touch of glamor and modernity, elevating the overall look. 

“Benson and Reign is a duo of youth designers ages 10-11 that is showing under the Factory Fashion banner for the second time,” Designer Skye Barker Maa said.

Bow details were featured throughout the collection, bringing a sense of playfulness and charm. The designers showcased their attention to detail with the use of pink accents — adding a pop of color to the designs. 

The use of tulle throughout the collection created a whimsical appearance. The fabric’s ability to create volume and shape infused each garment with a sense of movement and grace. The designers successfully balanced the sweet and simple aesthetic with the dynamic nature of the designs, making the collection visually striking.

Factory Fashion

Factory Fashion’s collection departed from a typical runway show, offering a mesmerizing and unconventional experience. The ambiance was set by slow, light music that filled the space.

The segment started when the models paused at the runway entrance, allowing attendees to reflect and appreciate each garment while a sweet poem about confidence was read. The non-traditional approach added a layer of depth to the show, inviting the audience to engage with fashion more profoundly. 

The collection was full of texture, with each piece exuding a tactile and visual richness. Large flower endorsements adorned on a beautiful gown added a bold and dramatic flair. The oversized floral accents brought a sense of organic beauty to the collection, and the inclusion of headpieces further elevated the looks.

The unique silhouettes and accessories played a pivotal role in defining the collection’s identity. The designers truly showcased unconventional shapes and forms, challenging traditional kid’s and teen’s fashion norms. Factory Fashion offered a thought-provoking and immersive experience. 

Stoked LA

Stoked LA fused casual and sporty styles, creating a distinct and youthful aesthetic. With the combination of tulle skirts paired with a letterman’s jacket, the sporty collection showed that kids and teens can be just as fashionable as adults.

The designer skillfully incorporated comfort and functionality into the collection without sacrificing style. The combination of soft fabrics and relaxed silhouettes created a relaxed and laid-back vibe, perfect for the younger generation.

Stoked LA’s collection embraced fun and comfort while maintaining a fashionable edge — something that often lacks in kid’s and teen’s fashion.

Anton LaRosa

Anton LaRosa’s first ever kids’ collection was like his traditional one, it exuded grace and sophistication, captivating the audience with every exquisite detail. The ambiance was set with classical music, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for the models. The more intense the looks got, the more intense the orchestra played — creating an immersive experience.

Each garment showcased an intricate blend of textures, fabrics, and detailed embellishments. The designer’s precise attention to detail was evident in the sleek lines, delicate draping and perfect tailoring. With every passing moment, it was a beautiful reminder that kid’s and teen’s fashion can be just as stunning as adults.

Photos by Weston Mosburg

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