Audience Votes For Their Favorite Denver Fashion Week Designer

During Denver Fashion Week, the audience witnessed some of the best local, national and international designers — making it a true celebration of fashion. Named by Forbes as the fastest-growing fashion platform and a “trusted alternative to New York for emerging talent,” it’s no surprise that each night left the guests wanting more.

Rather than attending the show, watching and leaving — guests, for the second time, could vote for their favorite designer each night. Here are the results.

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Sustainable – Earthly Threads

Faith Friend, designer of Earthly Threads showed her newest collection, ‘”Conscious and Colorful” for her debut at Denver Fashion Week. Friend gained inspiration from the women in her life while creating this collection. Having crafted a gender-neutral style, she created hand embroidered and tie dyed pieces from second-hand materials. Her line included 42 items. Friend hoped for the audience to feel empowered by the ‘funkiness’ and boldness of her items, and embolden others to express themselves.

Friend was most excited to show off mediums — hand embroidery and tie dye. Showing multiple looks with gorgeous patchwork, the line has a cottagecore garden fairy vibe with butterflies. Earthly Threads had mid-sized model representation in their collection.

The ‘Conscious and Colorful’ collection delivered with earthy colors, tie dyed elements, jean embellishment, and designs that showed pops of skin. With exaggerated sleeves and a mix and matching of fabrics, patterns, and textures, the line gave the audience a lot to notice and discover within the looks. A stand out ensemble featured a long cape with rainbow button work that was truly beautiful. The models interacted with each other on the runway and gave a humble, carefree attitude. Makeup with fun and and colorful, with aspects of florals and butterflies.

Streetwear – MOSS D

MOSS D’s collection was a stunning display of sustainable art, showcasing a creative use of old quilts and blankets transformed into cozy sets. The pieces featured bright, vibrant colors and meticulous stitching, adding a unique and handmade feel to the collection.

In addition to the quilted sets, the collection also included vests, jackets, and dresses, all crafted with the same attention to detail and sustainable ethos. One standout piece was a set made from pink mesh, adorned with lace and intricate ruffling, adding a touch of whimsy and femininity to the collection. Needless to say, designer Marci Davis truly brought a celebration of sustainable, streetwear fashion to the runway.

Bridal – Béte Noir

Bête Noire opened the show with their avant-garde gothic designs. Their collection featured a striking palette of black and red, with huge gowns adorned with ruffles and sparkles. Specializing in headpieces and veils, Bête Noire added a touch of drama to the runway.

“I always go a dark and moody route but, there’s some things tonight that we haven’t done before. And I would say that kind of symbolizes my heart and being alive, healing, and just overcoming adversity,” Alicia Rau, the designer of Bête Noire, said 

The evening was not without its somber moments, as the Bête Noire performance paid respect to model Amya Aubrielle Addams, who passed tragically the week before. Addams was due to walk down the runway in a gorgeous Bête Noire gown, and her absence was acknowledged by everyone in attendance. A moment of applause was extended in her honor, a poignant reminder of her influence on the Denver fashion world.

Society – Lilian Lara

Lilian Lara closed out the first half with a stunning and eye-catching collection. Lara’s looks included elaborate accessories, including intricate headdresses, flowing scarves and — in one notable case — a flowing and gleaming golden jacket. The models were each wearing geometric face make-up, creatively contouring each model’s face and playing off the geometric patterns they were wearing.

“I love that everyone gets to come together to enjoy a night of beauty and pageantry, especially in Denver where we don’t have a reputation for getting dressed up,” Lara shared. “We get to come together tonight for an opportunity for pomp and circumstance.”

This same vision extended to the models showcasing Lara’s collection, who had their interpretation of how Lara’s designs represented the night’s theme.

“Society means diversity,” shared Julie DeVilbiss, a model for Lilian Lara. “There’s power in being diverse that as a society we become stronger when we work with our diversity.”

Kids – Dragonwing

Dragonwing‘s collection transported the audience back to the vibrant and dynamic era of the 90’s. Drawing inspiration from the decade’s eclectic music scene, the collection incorporated elements of metallic flair and retro influences. 

The runway came alive with big flower tulle shirts paired with a playful and whimsical theme of metallic skirts — overall, the collection gave a sense of youthful fun.

Incorporating headbands and pops of color like bright orange, added a touch of retro chic to the ensembles — combining streetwear and activewear, truly enhancing the playfulness of this collection. 

The use of tulle on skirts evoked a sense of whimsy and fantasy that the crowd loved. With every strut down the runway, Dragonwing’s collection transported the audience back in time in the best way possible. It truly was an electrifying and unforgettable fashion experience. 

All photos by Weston Mosburg

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