We Searched for the Softest Bamboo Toilet Paper – Here’s What We Found

Toilet paper isn’t a purchase that most people put a lot of thought into. As long as it gets the job done, there isn’t much more to consider. But if you’re like most people, you may be interested in making your home more eco-friendly. Going back to the basics is one of the easiest ways to be more sustainable. Toilet paper is a simple swap that has a huge impact on your environmental impact.

Traditional toilet paper takes a huge toll on the environment. Some estimates suggest that over 700 million trees are flushed each year. By switching to bamboo toilet paper, you can still enjoy a soft, effective product while reducing your carbon footprint.

5 Best Bamboo Toilet Paper

With the ever-growing demand for eco-friendly household products, it’s no surprise that there are countless bamboo toilet paper manufacturers. However, not all bamboo toilet paper is made equal, and when it comes to “down there,” you deserve a soft, effective product.

Below is a list of the five best bamboo toilet paper brands available today.

  1. Conscious Consumer Bamboo Toilet Paper
  2. Grove Co. Tree-Free Toilet Paper
  3. Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper
  4. Eco Soul Bamboo Toilet Paper
  5. Cloud Paper Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

1. Conscious Consumer Bamboo Toilet Paper

Feel good about your bathroom trips with Conscious Consumer Bamboo Toilet Paper. This high quality toilet paper is made with 100% sustainably sourced bamboo. Each roll is soft and durable, ensuring an effective wipe without any worry. Conscious Consumer Bamboo Toilet Paper doesn’t contain any dyes or harmful compounds that can irritate sensitive skin.

2. Grove Co. Tree-Free Toilet Paper

Enjoy a guilt-free wipe each time with Grove Co. Tree-Free Toilet Paper. This 100% bamboo toilet paper offers strong three-ply sheets for a reliable cleaning experience. These absorbent layers may be durable, but they’re also soft. Grove Co. Tree-Free Toilet Paper is formulated without any inks, scents, or harsh chemicals.

3. Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper is proof that trees aren’t required for quality toilet paper. This soft and sustainable TP is two-ply and features an absorbent emboss for an effective wipe. Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper is made without chemicals and doesn’t undergo any type of chlorine bleaching.

4. Eco Soul Bamboo Toilet Paper

Experience a premium bathroom experience with Eco Soul Bamboo Toilet Paper. Each roll is gentle on the skin as well as the planet! Made using sustainably sourced bamboo, this product is soft and durable, offering top notch tear resistance. Eco Soul Bamboo Toilet paper is certified compostable, which means your home will produce less waste.

5. Cloud Paper Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

Cloud Paper Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper is soft, strong, and sustainable. It’s made with 100% FSC-certified bamboo and each roll is free of toxins, PFAs, scents, and pesticides. This means you can wipe without a worry in the world. Cloud Paper offers a convenient subscription program to ensure that you never run out!

Why Bamboo Toilet Paper is the Best Option

There are many reasons why bamboo toilet paper has become a popular alternative to traditional options. Making the switch offers all sorts of benefits. Here’s why bamboo toilet paper is the best choice.

  • Soft and durable – Bamboo toilet paper is not only durable, it has a very soft texture that provides a comfortable wipe. The gentle texture is great for sensitive skin and sensitive areas, which means no irritation or discomfort after using it.
  • Sustainability – Bamboo is an incredibly renewable resource as it is one of the fastest growing plants. Unlike trees used to make traditional toilet paper, bamboo regenerates every few years and doesn’t require replanting.
  • Less impact to the environment – Producing bamboo toilet paper requires less water and chemicals compared to conventional tree-based toilet paper. Bamboo cultivation has also shown to reduce deforestation, habitat loss, and soil erosion.
  • Hypoallergenic – Bamboo toilet paper is hypoallergenic, which means it’s very unlikely to cause allergic reactions, even for those with sensitive skin. Some traditional toilet paper brands are made with harsh dyes and chemicals that can cause irritation and discomfort.

How We Chose the 5 Softest Bamboo Toilet Paper

You can have total peace of mind that all of the bamboo toilet paper we’ve highlighted on our list is high quality. Here’s how we ranked the top options:

  • Quality – All of the toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo, which means that each roll is soft and durable. The toilet paper brands we’ve selected don’t contain any dyes, bleaches, or other harsh chemicals.
  • Brand reputation – We picked bamboo toilet paper that is made by trusted, reputable brands. These brands all have positive reviews that say the toilet paper is soft, durable, and high-quality.
  • Affordability – Switching to bamboo toilet paper shouldn’t be overly expensive. We picked options that are affordable without skimping on quality.


Switching to bamboo toilet paper is one of the best choices for any household. You can effortlessly increase your home’s eco-friendliness without compromising on quality or a comfortable bathroom experience. We highly recommend all of the bamboo toilet paper brands on our list.


Is bamboo toilet paper as strong as regular toilet paper?

Yes! Bamboo toilet paper is best known for its strength and durability. It has comparable, if not superior strength to traditional toilet paper made from trees.

What types of bamboo toilet paper are available?

Like traditional toilet paper, you’ll find that bamboo toilet paper is available in the same options. This means you can choose from one, two, and three ply rolls. You’ll also find bamboo toilet paper with added features, such as enhanced strength or extra softness.

Is bamboo toilet paper septic safe?

Yes, bamboo toilet paper is safe for septic systems. Compared to most conventional toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper breaks down more easily because it’s made with biodegradable materials. As with any toilet paper, avoid flushing excessive amounts to prevent clogs and septic system issues.

Is bamboo toilet paper more expensive than regular toilet paper?

Bamboo toilet paper may have a slightly higher upfront cost compared to conventional toilet paper. However, its environmental benefits and quality definitely justify the additional expense.

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