The Velvet Cellar Makes Its Way Downtown This Fall

Photo courtesy of The Velvet Cellar

The Velvet Cellar, slated to open in Denver this fall, is a project that chef Todd Bobrovicz has been working on. He is dedicated to utilizing locally sourced ingredients and creating scratch-made dishes focusing on fresh flavors, presenting a distinctive and bespoke guest experience that immediately transforms into a cherished reminiscence.

Reilly Chunn and Chris Dominey, who have known each other since childhood and own the business, have a shared background from the South and a love for the area’s celebrated hospitality. The realization of their half-decade-long vision is now imminent. “We’re setting a high ceiling for ourselves because of the ambition our team brings and the talent we’ve secured,” said Chunn in a recent press release. “It’s a point of pride to execute at a high level because the people living, working and visiting downtown deserve it.”

The Velvet Cellar revitalizes its location at 1500 Wynkoop, utilizing the preexisting exposed brick and wood on the walls of the historic edifice as its artistic medium.

Chunn highlighted the building’s appearance, discussing how he and Dominey appreciated its historical significance and the touch of elegance provided by its brick and wood components.

“It’s in the heart of downtown, close to Union Station and centrally located between Ball Arena, Mile High and Coors Field. We had looked at other spaces downtown, Golden Triangle and Cherry Creek, and we didn’t find a place that really suited our needs with what we’ve envisioned,” said Chunn. “Then, when we walked into this place, ‘1500 Wynkoop’, and it blew us away.”

Initially, Chunn and Dominey wanted to open a wine bar with small snacks. But as they discussed it further, it evolved into a more cohesive restaurant concept.

“When we started talking about things we liked in the industry, things we would want to do, what kind of gaps there might be in the market or metro area, we noticed there isn’t a place that does this or does that,” Chunn said. “We started walking down that path, and brick by brick, it became a full-service elevated restaurant idea.”

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Chef Bobrovicz is curating a menu showcasing a plethora of local and global culinary delights that will perfectly harmonize and enhance the diversity of wine styles and origins presented. His strategy primarily involves sourcing from farmers and ranchers in Colorado while highlighting freshly made delicacies, including cured meats, cheeses, bread and desserts.

“We built the idea a year ago, which is to pair the food with wine and cocktails. So, pretty much anywhere that produces wine in the world is where we are taking our inspiration from. We aren’t focusing on French or Italian cuisine,” said chef Bobrovicz. “So, for instance, we have dishes from Argentina and South America, pretty much anywhere that produces wine.”

Some dish previews include a Korean Lollipop with hickory smoked chicken drumsticks, kimchee Slaw, Gochujang BBQ Sauce and micro mustard greens, and Shrimp n Grits with heirloom red corn grits, aged white cheddar, smoked pork belly and shrimp-infused pepper gravy.

“We want to bring the wine culture and dining culture to a higher level than ever in Colorado. I think we will achieve that with the concept we’re bringing – fresh food and a dynamic seasonal menu. The menu will probably change every month or every other month completely,” Chunn said. “The cocktails will rotate and pair collectively. It will be a true collaboration between the bar, the wine and the kitchen.”

Chunn also noted that a few main dishes and cocktails might remain, but the chefs are thrilled about the constantly evolving menu.

“We’re really excited with what we have planned. We want to add to the culture and keep the industry revitalized. It’s time we collectively raise our level of responsibility and focus on delivering a premium experience the public deserves because they’re thirsting for it,” Chunn said.

The Velvet Cellar is slated to open later this fall at 1500 Wynkoop St. #101, Denver. More information, including an opening date, full menu, and wine list, will be released soon.

All photography courtesy of The Velvet Cellar.

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