Experience the Power and Mystery of Pink Fuzz: Denver’s High-flying Desert Rock Sensation (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

Here in the high planes, the desert seems to be a lurking force on the other side of the mountains. Pink Fuzz, a Boulder-raised and self-identifying “desert-rock” group, play into the power and mystery found in these landscapes with their alt. rock jams. Drums tick with anticipation, speeding toward something unknown, like a long drive through the vast, rolling dry heat of the west.

Despite the plethora of music in Colorado, the Pink Fuzz members found themselves in an auditory drought during their adolescence and early teen years. That was, until the trio saw Dr. Dog perform live for the first time some years ago in Denver. That’s when the power of live music took full effect on their youthful psyche. “They blew our minds,” emphasized Lulu Demitro. With passion and musical awe, Pink Fuzz was formed. “We started our band because we felt that there wasn’t anyone else playing the kind of music we wanted to hear.”

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Photo by Hannah Thurston

Siblings John Demitro (guitarist and vocalist) and Lulu Demitro (bassist and vocalist), who were surrounded by music and crunchy guitar riffs growing up, knew local drummer Forrest Raup was a must-call when looking for bandmates. The trio has worked hard to continue building the Boulder music scene, spreading their creativity to Denver with great reception. 

Life-long inspiration from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath can be heard in haunting melodies and classic guitar frenzies. Their Vocalscome from deep inside the throughs of emotion, blared loud and fast as a speeding car that gives you audio whiplash. 

Complimenting their distinct sound, Pink Fuzz incorporates imagery to make your skin crawl. From a spiderweb spreading out of a woman’s mouth to an ominous figure approaching a parked semi, the desert core is real.

The group’s most recent release speaks to a softer side of their sound. Both songs are lyrical journies, gliding through emotional waves and teasing the listener with subtle touches of intensity that Pink Fuzz unapologetically blares throughout their discography.

“These songs were written during quarantine by John as tributes to loved ones that passed away during that time,” Lulu said about their recent “Fading Away” EP.  “These are not our usual fast-paced, fuzzed-out songs. They were cathartic for us to record and when we listen to them now it stings a little but it’s that sad kind of happy.”

“Jake’s Turn,” built around layers of cold and lonesome guitar, will make many nostalgic for Led Zeplin. The track is featured on the 303 Music Vinyl Vol. 5 representing local rock in Denver and further diversifying the beautiful medley of featured genres. Lyrics discuss an ominous change, that vocalist John is wary of but seems to know he can face.

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Pink Fuzz continues to ride their wave of success with joy and look forward to more new places with new people. When asked about the future of the band, Lulu emphasized, “we’ve been making music and touring for a while now and we just want to keep being able to do that.” 

At this point, Pink Fuzz is completely locked in. With time under their belt and confidence in their sound, so much is just over the horizon. In earlier years, QOTSA, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club & The Strokes, “laid the foundation for” Pink Fuzz and their ability to bend their rock sound into a genuine unique expression, particularly in their early work, which includes demanding song titles and cutthroat lyrics that get to the point and send a message both hard-hitting and cryptic.

Though performing has become more routine due to its frequency, Pink Fuzz comes to every show like a ticking time bomb. Discussing the set and preparing mentally, the group has to “get some of our energy out” before taking the stage. “The adrenaline is pumping, so we get a little antsy waiting to go on.” described Lulu.

Pink Fuzz 2023 tour poster by John Demitro.

Though the group wasn’t at liberty to discuss any upcoming releases, something is definitely stirring underneath the surface. Pink Fuzz will be playing one show in Denver as part of the staked lineup for The Underground Music Showcase

With more tour announcements on the way and “something big coming soon,” Pink Fuzz is keeping busy as fans thirst for more. Stay updated on the band’s Spotify and Instagram for the thrills and raw creativity.