Heyday Creates Personalized Facial Experience and Opens First Colorado Location

Within the last couple of years, having a skincare routine has become an everyday essential. With that, comes a variety of skincare professionals who often make skincare seem daunting. However — unlike those other brands —  Heyday provides a customized experience that not only enhances skincare education but creates a one of a kind experience that varies from customer to customer. 

“Heyday has one facial and that may sound like everyone gets the same facial but it’s not the case at all, it’s personalized,” Heyday Colorado owner, Brad Kott said. “Every facial is different and we put in a lot of autonomy in the skin therapist’s hands to do the facial that the client’s skin requires and also what the client’s skincare goals are.” 

Photo courtesy of Heyday

To ensure that every customer receives the proper personalized facial, skin therapists go through training not only before they give their first Heyday facial but also during. Their shop educator or head skin therapist continues to build up their previous training to utilize what they learn in each facial experience. 

“Our skin therapists through that facial are educating the clients not only on their skin but what they’re doing to their skin,” Kott said.

This idea of creating a one of a kind experience started in New York in 2015 during brunch. Founders Michael Pollak and Adam Ross struggled to find a high quality facial that doesn’t require booking weeks in advance or a grand spa ceremonial experience. 

After discussing the matter, Heyday was born.  

“They wanted to take the facial out of the spa and make it more accessible and easier to fit into your daily or weekly routine,” Kott said. “You can be in and out in under an hour.” 

They then launched Heyday in other territories like Los Angeles and Philadelphia. However, they didn’t become a franchise until post pandemic when Pollak and Ross saw an increase in the need for health and wellness and beauty needs.

Unlike a typical facial company, Heyday not only partners with exclusive brands but retail skincare products like Supergoop!, Dermalogica, the Organic Pharmacy and more. This makes buying skincare products easy and allows customers inexpensive options so they can establish their own skincare routine at home. 

“We stand behind brands and partner with brands that are working towards wanting to provide skin results that we think our clients deserve and they represent something of a cultural value perspective that aligns with us,” Kott said.  

Photo courtesy of Heyday

Their high quality products help ensure that customers feel their best — which is exactly the inspiration behind the name “Heyday.”  

“You know back in the heyday? It refers to you as your best self,” Kott said. “We’re trying to make sure that people are getting the best version of themselves and their skin after they’ve been with us.” 

Aside from the customizable facials, Heyday also offers seven enhancements like Gua Sha, Microdermabrasion, Peels and more. In 2023, Heyday plans to open two more Colorado locations and in the next six years, they’re planning on opening 13. 

As Heyday continues to grow, one thing is for sure to stay the same — a customizable, one of a kind facial experience.  

“I hope that clients have a really enjoyable experience,” Kott said. “I hope that they learn something new and they’re thinking about what is next for them in terms of taking care of their skin whether it’s at home or what their next step is when they come in the next time.” 

Check our Heyday’s first Colorado grand opening on Thursday, Feb. 2 located at 83930 Tennyson St.