New Pegasus Express Shuttle Launched To Manage Traffic On I-70

Whether for skiing, hiking or relaxing, many Colorado residents choose to spend their weekends at the string of mountain resorts along I-70. While the destination is breathtaking, dealing with I-70 traffic can feel like a form of survival. High levels of congestion on the weekends can make the commute miserable and heightens the risk of accidents. At a certain point, transportation officials began exploring a better way to travel along I-70.

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To help manage congestion on one of Colorado’s most popular highways and lessen environmental impact, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) added an extension to their Bustang routes: Pegasus. Pegasus is an express shuttle service that runs from Denver’s Union Station to Avon and makes five stops: Denver Federal Center in Lakewood, Idaho Springs, Frisco, Vail and Avon. Each Pegasus stop connects passengers to local transit in each town.

ski rack for shuttle

Photo courtesy of CDOT

The shuttle departs every hour from Union Station, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday through Sunday. Pegasus has limited service on Thursdays and Mondays. You can access the full schedule on Bustang’s website, or by downloading their mobile app. 

On June 22, CDOT announced the continuation of half-priced Pegasus fares through Labor Day, encouraging more passengers to book a seat. Each Pegasus shuttle seats up to 11 passengers, has wheelchair accessibility and a Wi-Fi connection. Designed for all types of mountain travelers, the shuttles also have storage for luggage, bike racks and ski and snowboard containers.

“We are saving people money, reducing traffic and opening up easier ways for Coloradans and visitors to explore and experience Colorado’s world-class mountain areas and outdoors,” said Governor Jared Polis in a statement.

Photo courtesy of CDOT

CDOT hopes Pegasus will convince larger numbers of mountain travelers to ditch their cars in an effort to ease traffic and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pegasus also provides an affordable and accessible pathway to the mountains for Denver metro residents without a car, or residents trying to save money due to rising gas prices. 

“One fully-booked Pegasus shuttle is the equivalent of removing six two-person vehicles from the road. Multiply that by dozens of Pegasus trips each weekend and we can double our part in mitigating congestion, and help make the drive to the mountains safer and more enjoyable. Moreover, this service aligns with our mission of improving transit options and integrating transit into Colorado’s Transportation System,” said CDOT Division of Transit and Rail Director Amber Blake in a statement.

Overall, the Pegasus shuttles were designed to serve all types of Colorado residents looking to travel to the mountains for any reason. This summer, consider leaving your car behind to experience a smoother way to travel through the Rockies.