PHOTOS – Abortion Rights Advocates Rally at State Capitol in Denver

On Saturday, May 7, hundreds of protestors met at the Capitol in response to the leak of a draft majority decision from the Supreme Court, which indicates the court plans to overturn Roe v. Wade. If the opinion in the leaked brief stands, the overturn will lead to drastic changes in abortion rights and access throughout the country. States like Louisiana are already jumping into action with drafts of legislation that classify abortion as homicide. Meanwhile, lawmakers in other states like Idaho are further jeopardizing women’s reproductive rights as they consider whether a state abortion bans will also restrict access to contraceptives. In response, protests have broken out in cities across the country — and Denver’s political unrest only mirrors what other cities across the nation are also expressing.

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“FIGHT BACK! It’s all out across the country this weekend‼️ Let them hear us in Washington from all corners of the nation: We WON’T go back. We WILL fight back,” The Denver branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) wrote in an Instagram post.

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Despite the uncertainty, Colorado remains a beacon of the West when it comes to reproductive healthcare. On April 4, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed House Bill 1279, the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which ensures individuals in Colorado the “fundamental rights” to make decisions about their own reproductive health care, including decisions of using or refusing contraception, continuing a pregnancy to birth or having an abortion.

All photography by Shelby Moeller.

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