Denver Startup Quick Sesh is Changing How We Get Computer Support

Currently, when you have a problem with your computer or device, you will turn to a repair store or endlessly search on forums to get it resolved. It’s costly, insecure, and in a connected world, it’s incredibly frustrating to be without your device.

What If I told you there’s a new way to get your computer fixed without you having to leave your home. Introducing Quick Sesh an on-demand tech support service that gets people and businesses connected to resolve their tech issues at any time and in any place.

But how does it work exactly?

When you encounter a tech issue you’ll log into Quick Sesh and describe the tech issue you’re having or would like assistance with. Next tell us when you’d like to have the issue resolved by and notate the best form of contact – Either email, call, or text. Then get matched with IT professionals and view their profiles before accepting. Lastly, troubleshoot your issue via remote support, email walkthrough, or call & text.

Quick Sesh allows you to know the price point, know who’s working on your issue, and determine what technical issue you want to resolve and when you want to resolve it. We have highly trusted freelancers, that we call IT Professionals, that will troubleshoot your issue that best suits you. Before freelancers can become IT Professionals they must first pass through our vetting. The process consists of: An initial background check to verify the freelancer has not committed any form of computer crime. A 30-question exam that’s derived from common enterprise certification exams; the passing score for this assessment is 90%. A scenario-based assessment where we conduct a screencast for the applicant, and they must complete a case study that instructs them to solve the issue presented and talk through it as if it was with a consumer.

Our founder, Belal Kamara, came up with the concept when in search of a “Uber” but for tech issues and was unable to find one. So he decided to create it with Quick Sesh.

Founder and CEO Belal Kamara would always get asked by his family members to “look at” some form of the issue they’re having on either their laptop, phone, or tablet. He realized that he couldn’t be the only person getting hounded by his family and friends to fix their tech issues, so he decided to create a platform to help anyone experiencing any form of tech issue which is Quick Sesh.

Belal also knows the importance of computer support to businesses and industries that traditionally don’t have in-house IT support. Quick Sesh is also utilized to help businesses alike, with our pay when you need it, price model, businesses only pay when they need our on-demand IT service. We also utilize a monthly subscription service and offer Denver businesses a no-strings-attached 2 weeks free trial of our on-demand tech support.

With Quick Sesh based out in Denver, we’re always interested in expanding our team. If interested in learning more you can find more information at or like our Facebook page to stay up to date with company news.