An Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Playlist Curated By VYNYL


2020 was an absolutely awful year. With a pandemic that upended everyone’s lives, a contentious election, and a revolution based around racial equality — 2020 will go down in history as of one, if not the, wildest year on record. With the hope of lessons learned and new perspectives gained, we are soon to enter into 2021 with an outlook unlike any year prior. To ring in the new year, we asked pop/rock band VYNYL to curate a playlist to ride into the new year in style. Featuring Miley Cyrus, The Cure, Tame Impala and many more, this playlist will have you rocking out all the way there.

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Porter Robinson – “Get Your Wish”

Andrew Cole, bassist: This is my most played song of the year. I really love the energy and message and I can’t stop listening.

Miley Cyrus – “Gimme What I Want”

John Tyler (lead singer/guitarist): Miley just did that. I’m loving the new sound punk/alt-rock sound artists like her, MGK, YUNGBLUD, and others are putting into mainstream audiences. This song gives me some big NIN “Closer” vibes

Blackbear – “me & ur ghost”

JT: This song hits me hard  — I love Blackbear’s direction and delivery on it. It hits that perfect pop/alternative genre with ease and swagger and I’m a sucker for good Blackbear songs.

The Band CAMINO – “Daphne Blue”

Logan Hileman: I’ve been listening through this whole album on repeat, but I think this is the song that stands out [the most]. I love the sound of the guitars and drums.

Passion Pit – “Lifted Up (1985)”

AC: “Lifted Up (1985)” is a great song to bring in the new year. I recently forgot about this track and I found it again —  definitely one of my favorites from Passion Pit.

Glass Animals “Tangerine”

Hunter Heurich, lead guitarist:  “I think this song really stands out from Glass Animals’ new album. It’s so catchy and delivers a great vibe. I’m also a big fan of the minimalistic production, which is both effective and impactful.”

The Cure – “Friday, I’m In Love”

AC: “Friday, I’m In Love” is one of the best pop songs of all time and New Year’s is on a Friday, need I say more?

Ben Rector – “Kids (MPLS Version)”

LH: This song is just fun and feels good. The song talks about a simple time of just enjoying playing music before it got complicated.

Tame Impala – “Lost in Yesterday”

HH: I’ve been obsessed with Tame impala this last year, which has been a departure from the normal pop music I listen to. It’s tough to narrow down my favorite Tame Impala tune, but I chose “Lost in Yesterday” because it’s the perfect blend of psychedelic, funk, and pop. The production is one of my all-time favorites because it’s so fresh and inspiring.

Miike Snow – “Genghis Khan”

HH: In my opinion Miike Snow is underrated, and you can never go wrong with “Genghis Khan.” I love how creative and memorable it is.

Larnell Lewis – “The Promise”

LH: I love the melody of this song. This is another album that has been on repeat for me but I enjoy singing along to the instruments on this song.


JT:  This star-studded collab by one of the most underrated modern rock bands around (DON BROCO) was my top song of the year. I first heard it last year when we were recording “Who Could U Be” with our producer Chase Martinez and it’s been on repeat since then. It gets me pumped up, it’s quirky, and I think we will be having a lot of high energy experiences in 2021 so this will go along nicely.
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