False Ego Opens First Solo Brick and Mortar Boutique in Five Points

False Ego founder, Jevon Taylor. Photo by Amanda Piela.

On September 13, Jevon Taylor — founder of the sustainable apparel brand, False Ego — and his team opened the doors to their first-ever brick and mortar shop, the False Ego Pavillion in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver. Taylor’s mission with False Ego has always been to provide high-quality apparel that doesn’t harm the planet. He does this while also working to educate his community on the harmful effects that fashion has on our environment.

“Opening a flagship location is a huge deal and opportunity for False Ego. We are right in the Five Points/RiNo Art District area, which is historically a thriving African American hub for businesses. So to be a Black-owned business opening during these times, despite all the changes the neighborhood has undergone, is truly special,” Taylor said. Taylor also mentioned that this new store has given him and his team a sense of purpose by understanding the risks of opening a store during these times and restoring people’s sense of community.

Taylor explained that this changes everything. He and his team are now able to host events and meetings, record podcast episodes, create marketing content, and ultimately allow people to enter a unique space that further displays the voice of the brand in addition to the voice of other businesses who focus on eco-friendliness, which he features in his store as well.

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Now False Ego fans can shop their favorite eco-friendly apparel items in person, meet the company’s newly featured team, and remain involved in a community that teaches so many about the importance of sustainability within the fashion industry, safely, of course. In terms of other developments surrounding the new brick and mortar, Taylor mentioned, “we are actively implementing new immersive technologies that transform and transcend your typical retail experience. With COVID, it has been tricky managing events, but this space is a hub for community development and local culture, so we’ve been able to highlight hidden gems in Denver in an authentic way.”

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False Ego is located at 2650 Walnut St. and is open 11 am to 7 pm Sundays, 11 am – 8 pm on Monday  – Saturday

Photography by Amanda Piela

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