New Colorado Music You Should Know – October Edition

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to for consideration.

Many local artists slowed things down this month, with songs that are reflective, poignant and full of emotion. Delving into a variety of genres, this month’s edition of new music is bursting with tracks that will move you – either emotionally or get you on your feet dancing.

Five New Up and Coming Artists

Britney Jane

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Coming into her own – both as a woman and as an artist – Britney Jane is a powerful addition to the Denver music scene. After years as a backup vocalist for other local up-and-comers and ending a toxic relationship, Jane is stepping into the spotlight and helping to spread a message of self-love to music-fanatics across Denver.

Old Soul Dies Young

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Utilizing elements of heavy shoegaze and ’90s grunge, Old Soul Dies Young draws on their love of anime to inspire their music — including many of their song names, which are named after a variety of anime characters.


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With the release of their first single, followed by their debut EP on October 9, Dryerline is one of the newest names to break into the local music scene. The indie band is still growing their presence on social media as well as their music catalog, however, with nothing but potential, Dryerline is one you’ll want to keep on your radar.


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Combining hip hop and rap with elements of various other genres, Chopface is a distinctive sound in the Colorado music community. Based in Fort Collins, Chopface may be new to the scene, however, since the release of their debut single earlier this year they’ve continued to release new music steadily all year, including a slew of singles and a full-length album.


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Originally from New York, Ar.son is a recent addition to the local music scene, operating out of Fort Collins. Working with Kind Dub, Ar.son not only makes music but also focuses on helping local artists through his music.

Five New Local Songs

Milquetoast and Co. – “Blue”

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Following last year’s release of Kashmir the Great, “Blue” is Milquetoast and Co.’s latest single. Evolving the sound they developed on last year’s EP, “Blue” shows an exciting direction for the Denver-based band, and we can’t wait to see what they release next.

Corsicana – “Yeah Right”

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Teaming up with Nuancer, Corsicana ventures away from the usual acoustics on “Yeah Right.” Drawing heavily on Nuancer’s sound, the collaboration is a unique addition to both artist’s catalog.

Eldren – “Our Dear Brother”

Listen if you like Sufjan Stevens

Soft, sweet and full of emotion, “Our Dear Brother” is Eldren’s tribute to their original bass player, who passed away unexpectedly four years ago. Rooted in reality, the song is not only a departure from the upbeat psych-rock that Eldren fans have come to know them for, but it is also one of the few songs in their discography with lyrics rooted in reality. However, while it may be a departure from what fans typically expect from Eldren, it is a welcome one, highlighting the band’s talents in new ways fans don’t always get to see.

Modern Leisure – “Do You Find”

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A light-hearted song about falling in love again, “Do You Find” shows Modern Leisure drawing heavily on pop influences. Looking inward, Modern Leisure’s lyrics on the single discuss core beliefs and the growth that comes from expanding those beliefs.

Livingston Crane – “Lalala”

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Coming in hot with a cover of Y2K’s hit “Lalala,” Livingston Crane’s single features local vocalist Nikko Eisaguirre, a member of the now-defunct Defy You Stars. With Eisaguirre’s distinctive vocals driving the single forward, the cover adds a distinctive hardcore element to the original song.

Five New Local Music Videos

Adiel Mitchell – “Cabin Fever”

Listen if you like Jaden

A reimagining of Jaden’s “Cabin Fever,” Adiel Mitchell’s music video puts a fantastical spin on the narrative lyrics, as Mitchell loses himself within the pages of a notebook. Layering new elements into the track, Mitchell’s cover is a brilliant homage to one of his musical inspirations.

Melody Monroe – “Summer Storm”

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Finding hope amidst the chaos of this last summer, Melody Monroe invites fans to stay hopeful, encouraging them to keep dancing.

Tejon Street Corner Thieves – “Demons”

Listen if you like Amigo the Devil

Showcasing clay animations of the band as they go on tour in a bus, the music video for “Demons” is a busload of fun. Just ahead of the release of their Monarch Sessions EP, which is scheduled to release later this month, the music video for “Demons” is a fun way for fans to get excited for the re-imagine acoustic version of the song that will be on the upcoming EP.

Christopher Ryan – “A Little Bigger”

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This year, COVID-19 put an end to so many events we lost count – but that hasn’t stopped Christopher Ryan from getting creative with how to stay entertained. Training, preparing and ultimately competing in a variety of events for “The Quarantine Games” in the music video for “A Little Bigger,” Ryan is sure to put a smile on your face.

Ella Luna – “Nina”

Listen if you like Gabrielle Aplin

The second track from Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride, “Nina” is a soft song, but one that is charged with powerful emotion as it grapples with themes surrounding conditional love. Beautiful and haunting, the music video for the song adds extra layers of emotion which are accompanied by a distinct aesthetic, giving the video something special you just don’t find often.