How to Create the Perfect Summer Picnic with Woodford Reserve

Summer 2020 looks a little different this year. While we all try to navigate the new normal of masks, social distancing and what is and isn’t open, one thing does remain the same: spending time with friends and family. Woodford Reserve is here to make this summer a little easier by helping you craft the perfect picnic no matter where you are. Whether in the woods, park, beach (lucky, you), or even your backyard, Woodford Reserve has some helpful tips and drink recipes to make it one fun summer day.

Pack the Perfect Basket

A prepared basket can make or break the picnic. While things such as food, drinks and blankets are no-brainers, there are other essentials that you may forget that could turn a good day into an unenjoyable one. Sunscreen should be at the top of anyone’s picnic basket. Living in the Mile High City, we are no strangers to the sun. But between the planning, coordinating and excitement of the day at the park, it’s easy to forget the key ingredient to fighting off a painful sunburn. Bug spray could be another good idea if you’re in a particularly woodsy area.

If you are opting for a picnic outside your home, there are a few items that may be new to your picnic basket: hand sanitizer and your mask. We are still in the middle of a pandemic after all, and while you may be outside, you still walk past other people to search for your perfect spot. It’s also respectful to other people in the area, so wear your mask.

Other items include your hat, sunglasses, lawn chairs, lawn games and speaker.

What To Eat

This list is not a one size fits all. There are so many meals to choose from and snacks to pack. We recommend bringing foods that are already cooked, easy to travel with and are shareable among friends. Chips, dip, fruit platters and sandwiches are always the best bet. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, one can never go wrong with a good cheeseboard. And when you can, always buy and support local.

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The Drinks

While the options for summer drinks are endless with craft beers, seltzers and sparkling waters, we suggest adding a summer cocktail to the mix. Woodford Reserve has simple, easy and delicious cocktail recipes with ingredients you already have in your pantry. Check out some of the recipes below (our favorite is The Porch Swing.)

The Perfect Playlist

Every good day outside requires some tunes. Pre-download a playlist in case of bad reception, bring your speaker and enjoy the summer vibes. Remember to keep the volume at an enjoyable level for everyone, including any neighbors or people nearby.

And don’t forget the lawn games!


Clean Up

A garbage bag and disposable glassware always make for a quick and easy cleanup, especially with Colorado prone to afternoon thunderstorms. Always leave your area the way you found it and respect the rules of your area.