A Denver Company is Offering One Free Headshot For Everyone “Forever”

Female-founded content creation startup soona believes that a great headshot can change your life. The next job, interview, profile picture or date, can all be started from a photo. Therefore, the Denver-based company decided to offer free headshots for everyone, forever. The Headshots for All idea was inspired by small business owners who shared how a headshot with soona led to success stories.

Photo Courtesy of soona.

For example, co-founders Elizabeth Giorgi and Hayley Anderson received positive feedback from Uber drivers, freelancers and other small businesses that their professional-grade images attract new customers and promote businesses. With this feedback, they decided to add the Headshots for All campaign into their permanent business strategy. A headshot is a photographic first impression in this new digital age, Giorgi said.

soona co-founders Hayley Anderson (left) and Elizabeth Giorgi (right) . Photo Courtesy of soona.

“We knew that we wanted to make getting headshots something easier, we knew that there would be an opportunity to give the community something back, but we just didn’t know when the time would be,” Giorgi said.

Beginning in August, anyone who makes an appointment at soona’s Denver and Minneapolis locations will be able to get one free headshot. Soona is opening a new location in Austin, Texas this September. They plan to continue the campaign once they open and will last for as long as they are in operation (or in their words “forever”). All visitors will receive one free photo per person and can buy additional shots for $39 each. All appointments take 20 minutes and edited shots are emailed to you in 24-hours.
“We could not imagine a more important time to help struggling small businesses, those who are unemployed or freelancers searching for their next gig,” Giorgi said. “This is one way we can use our business to help.”

Photo courtesy of soona.

Soona works to combine the concept of a studio location, photographer, creative director and editor into one to meet the creative needs of businesses, companies, freelancers and more. You can also get video clips or custom gifs created for under $100.
“To us as a business, it’s all about empowering people to feel their best and look their best so they can go out into the world and do the best that they can do,” she said. “Everybody could use a little hope, and maybe that photo might be the first step to having that hope.”
For more information on the Headshots for All campaign, visit their website. The campaign begins in August and lasts for as long as the business is operational. There also are examples of their work to get you inspired.