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Despite the news that continuously floods our newsfeed of COVID-19, there’s no denying that we have been given the gift of time. While the gift of time comes with its pros and cons, this has notably been very anxious and trying times across the globe. Denver, in particular, has felt the overwhelming waves of COVID-19, along with local businesses we know and love. With this, there are still ways to take care of ourselves and our loved ones that surround us. Self-care has been a trending topic on social media while braving the stay at home orders for the next month. With these orders, there are still unique ways to give back to our community and even to ourselves. Here at 303 Magazine, we compiled a list of local beauty products to kickstart an at-home spa day while also supporting these amazing Denver companies.

To Refresh


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Start your spa day with a blank canvas by using Mineral Fusion’s Charcoal Gel Cleanser to minimize your pores and any excess oils. Mineral Fusion first began as a mineral cosmetic brand in 2007, founded here in Denver. Move your spa day along by treating delicate parts of our face that need more love.

After staring at a computer monitor, TV screen and our phones, our eyes are begging for a break. Try the Hazel Eye Gels by Honest Hazel sold at AILLEA. AILLEA is local to Denver and has a wide range of brands, it’s easy to see why they are so dearly loved by patrons in and out of Denver. These refreshing gels brighten dark circles and hydrate the delicate skin under our eyes.

Finish off your routine with the Refining Cacao Honey Cleanser + Mask by The Bee Charmer. This mask is made up of all-natural ingredients and can be found at R.L. Linden & Co., local to Boulder. All products can be bought and shipped from the companies’ websites.

To Unwind

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Working from home causes new stress on our bodies that most didn’t expect. Our makeshift workspaces may be cramped from wherever we can find a free and quiet space. Cordelia Smith, founder of Formulary 55, stated that “Taking a bath every night is a MUST for my wellness, and I find that adding scent elevates the experience completely. Vetiver & Sweetgrass is one of our newest scents and was inspired by the high desert of my home in Pueblo. When it comes to bath time, I follow one rule: no phones allowed! Bath time is an opportunity to turn off entirely, so don’t even think about reading the news or scrolling social media.” Follow suit to Smith’s routine for a stress-free environment.

Compliment your time with Fig & Yarrow’s Sasawashi Body Scrub Mitt for gentle exfoliation. Fig & Yarrow is a local boutique that specializes in plant and mineral-based products.

Then hydrate your body with Chae Organics, Body Lotion Vanilla Cream and relieve any sore spots with CBD company, Press Pause Project. Their Pause & Muscle Joint Cream is a lightweight cream that can be used to relieve any muscle or joint discomfort. All products can be bought and shipped from the companies websites.


For Fun

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Add a little color to your bathroom with a Geode Piece Soap by Luna Rosa, found at Balefire Goods. Balefire Goods is a local Denver boutique that supports many artists and is mostly known for its unique collection of Jewelry. However, Luna Rosa is a brand they carry that offers beautiful geode-inspired products.

To have variety in your wellness routine, hydrate your hair with the Innersense Hydrating Hair Masque by Innersense. This hydrating hair mask repairs and revitalizes dry or damaged hair and can be found at, Vert Beauty that carries multiple brands.

End the day with a fun escape by trying Spinster Sister’s Co. Bath Tea to smell some familiar scents of floral ingredients.

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