Show You Should Know – Murder By Death to Celebrate Their Fans

An enigma with a cult-like following, Murder By Death is hard to describe. Their name invokes thoughts of hardcore punk and lyrics about the seven deadly sins – only half of which is accurate. For the last 20 years, the southern quintet has drawn on a variety of influences to create a unique Americana sound. Starting out in basements and dive bars, playing to itty-bitty crowds, Murder By Death’s one-of-a-kind sound and exciting stage presence have earned them an ever-growing and dedicated fan base.

After 20 years, Murder By Death has decided it’s time to celebrate the long career they never thought they’d have, and more importantly, the fans who supported them through it all. That celebration will bring them to Denver for a performance at the Ogden Theatre later this week.

Despite their expansive discography, Murder By Death has largely flown under the radar of music critics. However, that hasn’t slowed their success, which is largely driven by their dedicated fan base. Known for their high-energy live performances, Murder By Death is a band that is always fun to see live. Fortunately for Colorado, there are plenty of opportunities to see them here. With recurring shows at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park and frequent stops in Denver, the folk-inspired group has a dedicated fan base that keeps them returning to Colorado – and we couldn’t be happier for their frequent returns.

Throughout their career, Murder By Death has always found ways to show their appreciation for their dedicated fan base. They’ve curated three albums of covers, for which they sourced song requests from their fan base. They’ve ridden roller coasters with their fans and partied with the bride as well. Through the power of Kickstarter, Murder By Death has found ways to not only support their music career but more importantly connect with their fans. Their 20th-anniversary tour abandons Kickstarter and the high price points and instead aims to just give back to the fans who have always supported them.

Similar to many anniversary tours, Murder By Death will be playing some of their hits as well as tracks from early in their career. However, what makes this 20th-anniversary tour stand out from others is what the band is giving to their fans. Murder By Death is giving their fans the opportunity to control the setlist in each city they stop in.

Despite 20 years of touring, there are still songs that fans have not had the opportunity to hear live. That’s why, on this anniversary tour, Murder By Death is encouraging fans to request songs from the band, ensuring that fans get to hear exactly what they want – even if it’s an uncommon song. Murder By Death is also giving fans a free zine that features listings of every show the band has performed throughout their career and fan curated photos.

Each show on the tour will serve as a unique, fan-curated experience that reflects exactly what the fans want. With frequent stops in Denver throughout their career, we can only hope that Murder By Death’s anniversary performance later this week will be extra special. As we count down the days to the show the only question on our mind is how many songs can we request?

Murder By Death will perform at the Ogden Theatre with Amigo the Devil on March 6. Tickets are available here.
Murder By Death will accept song requests for Friday nights show. You can make a song request by leaving a comment in the discussion of the Facebook event.