A historic building in Downtown Denver that was once a brothel and then a Buddhist temple will now be home to the newest pop-up concept by the creator of RiNo’s (now closed) Yeah Baby. Called Neon Baby, the pop-up will occupy The House of Mirrors — the epic name of the brothel turned temple — that is within the Mattie Silks Building and part of Lodo’s Bar and Grill starting May 9. Located at 1946 Market Street, the new location may not be far from the previous one, but the vibe in the neighborhood is certainly very different. Plans to stay within that space are indefinite at the moment, although the press release noted that the pop-up was prompted by the closure of the RiNo location of Yeah Baby.

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“We’ve created such a vibrant, magnetic experience in RiNo that we’ve decided to make it a permanent concept,” creative director Josh Sampson commented. “But there’s this void to fill while we undergo improvements. That’s where Neon Baby comes in.” Originally, Yeah Baby was supposed to have a defined lifespan, urging guests to visit before the time was up. Now, it seems Sampson has realized the concept will definitely work for a long-term plan.

Photo Courtesy of Yeah Baby Denver on Facebook

Yeah Baby, during the six months it graced RiNo, offered up a unique setting to imbibe on sustainably-sourced cocktails and appreciate local art while listening to live DJs. The move to LoDo won’t change much from those foundational concepts — signature cocktails, disco sounds, art activation — but it will become something different because of the historic building. “We’re looking forward to reimagining nightlife expectations with weekly dance parties that celebrate the possibility of transformation,” Sampson noted.

Although the historic nature of the building is charming and will add to the intrigue of Neon Baby, the aesthetic that Sampson wants will include a large disco ball as well as the technicolor pinstripes that guests have already appreciated at the RiNo location.

Neon Baby opens to the public on Thursday, May 9 from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. at 1946 Market Street.

It will then be open every Thursday through Saturday during those hours, and on Sundays from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.