What You Missed From Denver Fashion Week Spring ’19 Weekend Two

Denver Fashion Week Spring 2019. Photo by Kyle Cooper.

Denver Fashion Week Spring ’19 (DFW) weekend two took over the Forney Museum of Transportation this season to display looks from both local and national designers. The final two days of runway shows included the themes National Designers, Children/Teenager/Mommy & Me, and Denver Originals. Throughout the weekend, designers and models of all ages and from all over the country showed off their best looks to Denver locals.

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The first night of the second weekend featured a total of six designers. Some were Denver’s local designers and others flew in from places like New York to display their favorite pieces for DFW. From metalwork to racecar-attire-inspired outfits, the final days of DFW most definitely impressed.

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Saturday, March 30 – National Designers

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The opener of the National Designers show was Jesse Mathes Metalwork, who embodied both fashion and art in her looks. Her metalwork pieces sat on the shoulders of the models that took over the runway, demonstrating a new take on fashion and its art form. The bold pieces came in soft metallic colors like gold and copper, bringing a lighter feel to what would normally be a harsh metal piece laying on the body. The metalwork served as both an accessory and the main feature of the looks that were displayed on the runway. Next up came frnds of ours, creating a collection that felt perfect for spring. The minimalistic style of the brand and the looks brought to the runway put a focus on the light, spring-like colors of the clothing. Following frnds of ours came Darkm0th Industry who brought darker looks that featured black eye makeup, wet hair and the clothing pieces themselves appeared to have handprints and smudges made from paint. The collection showed off a variety of unisex looks that looked comfortable yet bold and fashionable.

FreeMen by Mickey brought his New York-based collection to Denver as the fourth designer of the night. The racecar driver attire, mixed with colorful furs and even leather brought energy to the crowd as the models graced the runway. His DFW collection also featured both men and women in utility kilts, which is what the brand is known for. This collection mixed patterns, textures and overall fashion trends together to bring a twist to streetwear and athleisure. Ammunition Couture hit the runway next, giving feelings of dark luxury. The collection brought looks of all forms — long dresses, long coats, leggings — all which seemed to be made out of a latex material. Although most of the looks featured all black pieces, some were paired with bold reds and soft yellows, bringing a lighter feel to the collection’s dark look. The show closed with M3TAL by Stevie Boi, featuring sparkly shoes and boots, chunky sunglasses, sheer tops and tunic-like dresses. The pieces brought metallics and shimmer to some aspect of each look, closing night one of the final weekend of DFW effortlessly.


Sunday, March 31 – Children / Teenager / Mommy & Me Fashion Show and Denver Originals

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The last day of DFW kicked off with designs by Velvet Wolf Boutique and Little Wolf Boutique. The pieces were featured in a Mommy and Me collection as children and their moms graced the runway in similar outfits/looks. Children brought energy to the runway wearing a variety of pastel colored tops, pants, dresses and graphic tees. Next up was Petite Tweets bringing a collection of adorable girls’ dresses. The designs primarily featured light blue colors and some included pops of pastel pinks, paired with accessories like crossbody bags and headbands. The third collection of the day was brought by Charlie Price where he displayed clothes for teens — showcasing his signature black and white style with a youthful edge. Some of the pieces followed a Where the Wild Things Are theme, with boys and girls wearing graphic tees, animal-style face paint, and crowns. Armoniia hit the runway next, presenting elegant gowns and bridal inspired dresses on young girls. The feminine and glamorous dresses had all the girls looking like princesses as they walked down the runway. The Children’s Show ended with Goldie Mae Productions featuring Serendipity Umbrellas where boys and girls wore simple white outfits to bring focus to the variety of colorful umbrellas they each were carrying. The outfits were also paired with colorful rainboots to complete the look and end the show on a fun note.

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The final night of DFW opened with Rachel Marie Hurst whose designs were nothing short of chic and feminine. Her pieces featured designs primarily made from silk textures, bringing a perfect flow to all of her designs. With bridal gowns, dresses, skirts and pants using textures like silk and tulle along with soft metallic shades, the collection was a breathtaking opener for DFW. Next up was Maggie Burns — otherwise known as Marie Margot Couture — who graced the runway with beautiful bridal looks, including a couple of lingerie-like pieces as well. With varying necklines, gown styles, dress lengths and textures, each bridal piece was unique and different while still respecting traditional bridal trends. Allison Nicole Designs was featured next on the runway. The designer made the most of textures in the dresses displayed. The use of 3D floral textures, layered tulle fabric and fringe made each dress move effortlessly across the runway, looking delicate and feminine. Gino Velardi hit the runway next, bringing women’s and men’s burgundy pantsuits, fur-detailed jackets and lots of metallic silvers found on both men’s suits, long women’s dresses and even a swimsuit. The collection used a simple color palette and remained a bold look of the night.

The last half of the final night of DFW continued with Mona Lucero who made the runway a patchwork lover’s dream. Several of her looks featured some aspect of an outfit that was designed with patches, both as images and as written words across the clothing piece. Aside from her display of patchwork, several of her other designs — like her dresses — used tulle along the bottom half, giving them an effortlessly chic and simple feel. The sixth designer of the night was Styled by Kait who mixed patterns and used accessories to bring color to the outfits. She mixed textures and patterns like sequins with leather, denim with translucent neon, and stripes with latex to embody a fun, bold and glamorous collection of looks. Tyne Hall brought dark glamor to the runway, using tassels, fringe and mesh materials to her top and pant sets, as well as her dresses. What made her dresses so unique is the varying style. Short, long, cutouts, olive green and black, Tyne Hall’s designs brought an edgy look to a very feminine and elegant collection. Duane Topping or Topping Designs closed DFW in a unique fashion by bringing his own decor for the runway. Loud rock music took over the venue and models graced the runway wearing black pieces that all featured a pop of neon color. From blazers and dress pants to deep v-neck dresses with fur, each piece contained a neon blue, orange or pink colored detail. The mix of color among dark pieces, paired with the rock music, closed DFW with a bang.

Photography Day One by  Giacomo Di Franco.

Photography Day Two by Kyle Cooper.

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