What You Missed from Denver Fashion Week Spring ’19 Weekend One

Denver Fashion Week (DFW) Spring ’19 kicked off this past Saturday at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. The colossal fashion extravaganza included two nights of incredible artistry. The weekend contained two highly anticipated themes — Fashion x Art and The Hair Show.

Day One, Fashion x Art came together with designer and artist collaboration collections. Having two types of genius deposited into one collection made for an explosive day one. The momentum from day one carried into Sunday, Day Two with the highly loved and anticipated DFW Hair Show. The creativity and thought invested in the hairstyles and looks demonstrated the reason these salons and hair stylists are highly esteemed in the Denver community. We couldn’t finish the weekend off without giving a detailed rundown, so here is more of what you missed.

Saturday, March 23 – Fashion x Art

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A veteran to the DFW runway, A Vintage Frame of Mind, teamed up with artist, Detour. Together the two created a collection of sophisticated pieces drenched in saturated colors melted together, giving the illusion of watercolors bleeding down a painted canvas. No stranger to the DFW runway either, Station and their artist partner, Caleb Hahne, created a collection of traditional streetwear garments decorated with an array of stripes, color bleed, and words of self-affirmation. The third collection showcased vintage denim, crochet and patchwork in a bright colored mash-up between Rebellelion and Ladies Fancywork. Following the third collection, Amber Fries and Charlie Price graced the runway with their dark religious-themed streetwear collaboration, featuring black garments draped in chiffon and patchwork depicting holy images. If your feeling lucky, the fifth collection will suit you like a charm. Amy Lisojo and Chris Haven added a lucky twist to streetwear with a lucky cat-themed assortment. The Japanese flair created a playful spin on traditional streetwear. The last collaboration of the night created by AldoElCreator and DINKC showcased their collection named “Dark Death.” The garments truly embodied the name with skull patchwork, ripped denim, spike details and an overall apocalyptic vibe to each piece.

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Sunday, March 24 – The Hair Show

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Fashion x Art was a sight to see but The Hair Show was equally as eventful. Some may say there is only so much you can do with hair, but these salons and hairstylists proved the possibilities are limitless. The show began with The Look Salon showcasing long luscious ponytails with a touch of color embedded into the model’s bangs. Beauty Underground showcased second and showed tall hairstyles made out of dreadlocks — putting a spin on a traditional African American hairstyle. Following the voluptuous dreadlocks was Charlie Price with a legion of powerful women with short and curly teased hair, dressed to take over an office or maybe the world. Following the theme of black, Sassoon salon presented five models with five different freshly cut hairstyles and equally as refreshing bold eyebrows. The fifth hair artist, Aaron Johnson, gave us blondes in many forms with five models embracing confidence down the runway in splattered paint suits, reflective details and bleach blonde hairdos. Vanity Dollz, the sixth hair artist to show, grasped the attention of the audience with a series of elaborate Victorian-themed looks. Not only was the hair big but the dresses followed suit as well. To end the night of big hair and elaborate themes, the last six hair artists — Artemis, Carlos Carreon, Joe Denny, Georgia Tournai, Birch Salon, and Rita B Salon cohesively created colorful neon themed looks that were unique to the salon but complemented one another and ended the show with a color-filled bang.

Denver Fashion Week will run through Sunday, March 31. To view the official schedule and to purchase tickets, visit the DFW website here

Photography Day One by Rebecca Grant.

Photography Day Two by Brandon Jonhson and Kyle Cooper