Denver Fashion Week (DFW) presented by Mile High Luxury Real Estate has begun. At a brand new location, the first day kicked off yesterday inside Lumenati Productions with the Children’s and Teen fashion show. Cherry Creek Dance was first up and began the day with a high-energy dance performance to keep us entertained. Afterward, Pleiades Designs dove straight into fashion with adorable flowy feminine dresses that were both casual and chic. Peach & Penny followed suit but elevated the girls’ attire from dresses to gowns. Tulle and intricate details paired with a neutral palette made the designs appropriate for any princess — real or imagined. Shortly after, Beauty Underground set a new tone with a punk rock aesthetic. Bright yellow, mohawks and aviators made for a decisively edgy look that perfectly blended with the next segment from DFW’s youngest designer — Dalton Bidula of Shape Streetwear. The athletic line kept the dark aesthetic the 17-year is known for but was polished for a more refined look that blurred the lines of athleisure and streetwear.

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After the Kids and Teen show wrapped, it was time for the local designers to shine. This segment featured Duane Topping of Toppings Designs, Rachel Marie Hurst, Steve Sells, Allison Nicole, Tyne Hall and Mondo Guerra. The designers’ collections hit the runway speaking volumes about the city’s depth of talent while creating an experience for the audience.

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Duane Topping began the event with a tribute to music legend, Prince, communicated through the flowy movements of ballet dancers. Rachel Marie Hurst took sartorial beauty to the next level with her signature ruffled pieces while Steve Sells introduced silk organza gowns and wearable two pieces that were equally at home on young and mature women. In her true style, Allison Nicole combined feminine silhouettes and flowered details with sheer fabrics for an ethereal show, while Tyne Hall took the grunge look of the ’90s as inspiration for modern, edgy pieces set to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Mondo Guerra closed the show with a brazen take on a combination of western flare and the ’90s rave scene with feathers, sequins, denim and neon fabric.  The Local Designer’s Fashion Show had it all, but if you missed it, we have some of our favorite looks below. 

All photography by Heather Fairchild, Kyle Cooper and Alden Bonecutter.